Week 27 Portraits of Ginger, Us, Grandchildren and More

Well this is a week where I put my new Canon 16-35mm lens through it's paces.  Ginger had a haircut, Ginger's sister's family was here and I even took a candid shot of me coming home from work out in Lindale!

So who get's the coveted first photo?  Ginger of course!

Here is a shot of her the day she got her hair done, in our studio:

Yes, seems Ginger is warming up to the idea of me taking photos of her!

Ginger's Favorite portrait of us:

I was honored by the collage I made for Ginger's Dad getting professionally framed and hung up in the den of all places, an absolute place of honor:

I was able to get a good shot of the grandkids with grandparents (everyone smiling no blinking!)

 And last but not least a shot of me getting off work on Saturday.  Funny little story about this shirt.  It is Ginger's least favorite I have.  It got ink on it so it got relegated to a work shirt.  So I use it when I go out to Lindale on Saturday!  Of course I have my camera with me!  I actually set this picture up by placing my camera on my ladder in the car and used my remote. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  I read a fascinating article from Fstoppers entitled: 

You'll Never Be Happy as an Artist If You're Not True to Yourself.  Here is the link:


There is a lot of wisdom there, especially for those of us who consider ourselves creatives!  

Lots of love to our families and Happy Birthday to my Dad, who has been and always will be my hero.  Ginger tells me all the time I can fix anything.  Well, I learned it from you Dad.  Love ya Dad.



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