Week 17: Colorful Flowers

So I was able to get some very colorful flowers this weekend!  So using a technique called light painting, I used a UV flash light and a regular flash light with a 15 second shutter open to get this shot:

This other picture has a bit of a back story.  It is a Wild Texas Aster.  I saw this flower at a job site I was at.  So I pulled it up from the root, put it in some dirt, took it home at lunch to photograph it after work.  When I got back all there were were bulbs, no flowers.  Perplexed I wondered does this flower just bloom at certain times.  Ding ding ding!  So I began watching it at the job site.  At about 11:00 it would start opening up.  By 4:00 pm it was closing up, if not all closed.  So Saturday I was able to photograph it while it was open:

Here is a picture of Ginger's Orchid's:

And here is a picture of our planted Red Celosia.  Now Ginger wanted the red to be more pink, so a little photo shop and:

 Ginger update:  She loves her job still!  Tailor made for her!  Paul update:  Paul loves his job too!   Thank you for your continued prayers!  We love you all!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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