Week 14: Tulips, Basket Flowers and Merigolds

So this week's pictures we might as well continue with the flower theme, with a twist.  First thing first.  Ginger has steadily been getting better.  It finally sunk in that the job that has literally landed in her lap is from God and she has embraced it.  The training schedule got moved to this Tuesday but things are progressing well.  I did send her flowers this week to work from our favorite florist, Moss.  They deal in more exotic flowers and it is the only place I can go and say, make it unusual, and they deliver exactly what I want (shameless plug for Moss!).  Here is her bouquet:

Yep, had to give it the studio treatment!  My personal favorite out of the pack was the orange tulips:

Of course had to buy some flowers for our vases on the mantle, various daisies and marigolds.  I wanted to take a picture of a green marigold because of the patterns:

The setup, much like last week:

Now the twist.  For this next flower I had to use the following:

In Texas, the Basket flowers are starting to pop up in the fields.  You may not recognize the name but some will recognize the picture:

If you even attempt to handle this flower with bare hands you'll get stuck.  I actually pulled off to the side of the road and got this pretty little thing.  Good thing I have gloves and clippers!  That said, it was a fun flower to photograph!

All in all, my favorite shot was the orange tulips.  It was the shot I thought about all week taking.  Thank you everyone for the prayers for Ginger, again, she is in a much better place!  There is an awards show on tonight I believe, so Ginger is happy.  And the bad storms have passed over us and we are safe!  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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