Week 15: More Flowers and an Update on Ginger

Hello to all my family and friends!  It has been an interesting week!    Ginger started her training for her new job, while starting the transition of finishing up her work for her former job.  She will be doing some of that work for the next two weeks.  Monday is her first day alone at the front desk.  But the difference between the teams is amazing and the new team has rallied around Ginger to help her with the transition.  She isn't use to that, so it is a little hard to visualize that she is definitely not alone.  She is having a good Sunday and is actually excited about tomorrow.  This is good news.  This means the hard part of the change is in the rear view mirror. 

In photography news, I have been honored to submit a photograph into a silent auction to raise money for a great cause!  Thanks to Asia and this is the organization that will be benefitting http://www.juniorplayers.org/.   I am also working on an enlargement/restoration project for a wedding.  Fun stuff!  And my Flickr presence is growing.  I have grown increasingly frustrated at Facebook and their algorithm.  I just want a place where I can post my pictures, my friends, family, supporters can look at and favorite them if they like.  I might even venture over to Instagram.  Facebook says they will boost my posts if I pay.  Really?  I just want all my friends to see my creations, not have an algorithm decide which friends should see it and which should not.  I'd rather put money into an actual photo sharing site instead of competing with quizzes, stupid videos, fake news, and such.  A little bit of a rant but for someone like me, who just wants to create.  Now I realize why Ginger left Facebook and why some of my close friends choose not to get on it.  Okay, enough ranting, how about some pictures!

Okay, so we are continuing with the flower theme.  Here are three shots of flowers we had in the house:
Ginger's favorite

Paul's favorite

Experimenting white balance

Different setup this time, well kinda.  For these shots the main light was my ring light with my camera shooting in the middle.  Still used the flashes and set up a reflector on the top since I had the AC blowing directly on the flowers!  My favorite is the middle and Ginger's is the top!

Continue praying for Ginger this week as she gets more comfortable with her new job!  Thank you for all your love, prayers and support!


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