Week 13: Spring Flowers are Blooming!

So some of you are looking at my blog now and going what in the world.....

It's okay, change is good.  Been wanting to change it up for a little bit, so when some new theme's came around and a quiet morning, well, how could I resist?

So first thing is first.  Since change is in the air....  An update on Ginger.  First thank you for everyone who has been praying for Ginger (Tanna, thank you for the comments, it means a lot to Ginger and I).  So I can let the cat out of the bag for the most part.   Well, this last week she found out from her bosses boss that she will be transferring to the customer service department and specifically the front desk.  I am very excited about this.  Ginger goes through moments of excitement and then fear, just because of the change and quick time she has to learn the job (but she has SEVERAL people who can help train her in the department).  The front desk job is right up Ginger's alley.  She has been wanting to talk with customers more, and the job will not entail a lot of change, which is fantastic news to her and I.  We have been praying for Ginger's job situation and God, in His timing, facilitated that!  And this weekend, well, it has been really good.  Yesterday she had a rough morning but because I was home this Saturday, it evened out pretty quickly and has just gotten better.  Ginger has caught up on her sleep and I, well, I have done a little spring cleaning (getting all the winter decorations put up) and we have flowers in the apartment (I got some orchids for Ginger and we have a sun flower and daisies on the mantle). 

And photographs, oh yes, I have been photographing!  So this weeks pictures should make my Mom pretty happy, Ginger's Mom as well, and Aunt Susi (Gotta mention my fellow artist!).  No bugs, nothings weird (well, maybe a little weird...), just flowers.  Yep, I have been taking pictures of flowers this week!  So without further ado:

The first picture this week is of a Gerber Daisy again.  This was Ginger's favorite of the week:

Gerber Daisy
 Now then, I had found an article on Solarization, so applying that technique I got this cool shot:

Chrome Daisy
I love the metallic feel of this picture.  Then I took pictures of Ginger's Multi colored rose.  I wanted something different so I decided to shoot it straight on.

Ginger's Rose

Black and White with some tweaking....

This next shot was of a sun flower.  This was the original flower in the solarization tutorial that I saw.  The shot of the gerber daisy above was my effort of venturing out beyond the tutorial.  Here is a behind the scene look at the setup of the sunflower:

This was a three flash setup.  I know right!  My new ring light helped me with focusing.  Had a third flash I held to get the inside of the flower nice and lit.  Here is the result:

Sun Flower
And then with the solarization effect that I practiced with:

Sunflower solarization

Ginger's favorites are the one's in color.  Mine, well, I love the black and white.  I have a few more ideas, if I can find some tulips lol!  Parrot tulips are pretty cool!

Thank you everyone for praying.  I will continue to keep everyone updated as I get updates.  Ginger starts training this week so keep her in your thoughts!  Happy Spring!


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