Week 12: Daisies and Glowing Leaves

Well I hope everyone has done well this week.  So this weekend we went to the florist, I got her a rainbow rose (she loves those things!) and I got some daisies to photograph.  So set the flower up, and snapped off a few shots.  This one was my favorite:

Gerber Daisy
 Used a two flash system.  I am waiting for my ring light to come in from Amazon which will light my macro shots up more and bonus, give me beautiful ring catch lights in eyes. 

Glowing Leaves

Last week I was walking Ginger out to her car to work in the morning and I noticed the moon.  So I ran up and got my camera and set it up.  But the clouds were not cooperating.  I would wait for a shot and nothing was coming clear.  But right below I noticed a light and my favorite glowing leaves effect.  So naturally, I had to take the shot.  Hey, if I could not get the shot of the moon I could at least get this one!

So be praying for Ginger.  She is having a hard time this weekend, her bipolar is latching on to some things and we just had the time change.  Speaking of which, changes are coming for her, nothing I can reveal right now, but we are trusting God and His timing is perfect!  Thanks to all our family and friends!



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