Week 48: Christmas at the Peterson's

It has been a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.  Ginger and I both had Thursday and Friday off so we were able to spend a lot of time eating good food and spending time with Ginger's family.  And my Dad and I were able to text during the Cowboy game, and even Mom got in on the action after the game!  It was fun spending time with Mark, Jenny and kids, Dinos and Susi, and Teddy and Asia along with the Padres.

The day after Thanksgiving is when Ginger and I traditionally go out and get our tree.  Ginger has a knack of finding the perfect tree for us.  This year I wanted a skinnier tree, Ginger wanted a tall tree.  And we found one that made us both happy and had enough quirkiness that both of us just loved it. 

It allows us to see the pictures behind and my favorite sign in here that says, "You are My Greatest Adventure!" 

 One of my favorite setup's is Peppermint Place.  I set it up on Ginger's grandmother's hutch.  Had a lot of fun with this picture, used something called a Bleach Pass in Color Efex and a little customization to get this picture:

This is my favorite picture, by far, of Peppermint Place that I have taken.

Above my computer I have set up the snowy cabin and a nativity scene in a globe.  Funny thing is, because of my lights setup it makes it look like the globe is smiling!  Of course I still have my lil fairie dragon my my monitors:

Our house is filled with art from both of our families.  We love it.  I have wood work from my Dad and quilts from my Mom.  Ginger has pictures and crafts from Susi, Jenny and the kids.  Our newest addition is this:

We are pretty proud to have all the art work up displayed!  I even have some of mine up in the house!

I pray everyone has had a wonderful holiday this week!  Tomorrow we are back at it but in two weeks we have Colorado coming up and a real life cabin to stay in!  Gonna be fantastic!  God is good!



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