Week 45: Cupcake Artistry and a Tearful Goodbye

Artistry comes in many forms.  I come from a family of artists who have different expressions to our craft.  From woodworking, quilting,computers to photography we all have some things in common.  First, we are all very precise with our work and the second is we have a passion for what we do.  So when I saw these cupcakes made by Laura from our community group, I had to take a picture:

Piping these flowers on these cupcakes takes precision and passion.  Believe me, Laura has passion for baking.  The 50 year anniversary cake she made for her parents she made homeade fondant.   And she worked for weeks to perfect it.  Doing things like this is artistic.  It is an expression of the person inside.  I should say that they were delicious too.  Hence taking a picture first!  I desaturated the colors of the other cupcakes to make this one pop.

Okay Mom, I told you no spiders this week.  Well.......  I put the cupcake picture on first so you had something else to look at.  I was in Troup Texas this week and this little fella was crawling across the driveway.  I thought, okay, if he posts up somewhere I can take a good picture I will.  He posted up.  Ginger actually approved of putting it in the post!   This is a Orb Weaver:

In sad news this week, my Mom and Dad lost a dear member of the family this week.  Abraham was 13 years old.


This is my favorite shot of Abraham.  I named the picture Majestic.  Abraham was my Dad's cat.  Don't get me wrong, he loved Mom too, but Sarah is Mom's cat.  Abraham was my Dad's buddy and he exemplified the big cats that my Dad likes.  He was master of the house, much like a lion with his pride, but he had a playful side too, he liked to ambush Sarah walking down the hallway....  When we visited you could find Abraham laying with Dad in his chair.  He also liked to jump on the bar counter and watch Mom and Dad cook.  This shot is of Abraham on that bar counter.  He liked to be brushed and this cat could shed!   He will be missed deeply. 



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