Week 47: Thankfulness

So this coming week Thanksgiving comes.  A time of turkey and all the fixings, football, family and friends.  It is a time, at least for Ginger and I's family where we gather to remember all the blessings that God has given us through the year.  It is a time where Ginger and I are thankful for the simple life we lead.  I love working an honest day's work and coming home to my wife who, even after almost 7 years of marriage, is ever excited to see me walking through the door.  I have a very, very lovely wife:

Had some fun in photoshop with this picture.  First I lightened her eyes:

 Then I gave her green eyes:

Ginger likes the first one with her dark brown eyes!  I just love playing around with the pictures in Photoshop.  I will tell you this, I have one very, very beautiful wife, she is a stunner, and thank God above each day for putting her into my life.  And this weekend was her birthday!  She is very young!

So the next picture from this weeks challenge is from the ranch I work at on Saturday's.  Rebecca is an artist too.  Where I create with the camera, she creates with nature.  It is a gift that shows!

I am blessed to be surrounded by the creative artists in my life!  I am praying that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


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