Week 39: Dragan Effect with Self Portrait

So this week's pictures are self portrait's of myself.  What I wanted to accomplish first, playing around with my flash and reflector and also I wanted to play with the Dragan effect again.  I shot around 35 shots, with various hats, T-shirts, and even equipment in my hand.  Then Ginger and I go through them to pick out the best shot.  Yes, Ginger has an eye of picking out things I do not see, plus, it is nice having the love of my life participate in my hobby with me!  So the winner is:

Ginger loves the Dragan effect on the picture.  It is not complicated, just involved.  The black background was much easier this time around.  Plus she like the stocking cap that I have on.

So thank you for those of you who checked on me this week.  I LOVE my new job.  I actually look forward to going to work.  As I worked this week, God would remind me of things I have learned in the past six years that have brought me to where I am at today.  But maybe the most telling example I can give you is I went to work on Rebecca's ranch on Saturday.  She said I looked like the weight of the world was off of me.  This is AFTER working a week on the new job.  As I dug holes for fence posts I couldn't help but smile, it sure is nice to be appreciated.  I don't mind hard work.  And that is what the picture this week represents, hard work.

 So at the job that I worked at this week, there were wasps.  Mom, you will be happy to know I could not get close enough to get a really sharp shot that I liked.  Spent a lunch shooting to see if I could, lol.  So you just get a shot of your son this week!

Last weekend Ginger and I were able to reconnect with an old friend of ours, Chelsea (her name has been changed).  Actually, truth be told, Chelsea is like the sister I never had.  I was put in the situation of my brother when she decided to go into the wilderness for a time, and felt things that surely my brother must have felt when I was off in the wilderness.  But God brought her back into the fold, like me, and for a few hours on Saturday, she came over and we were able to laugh and just talk.  It was like old times.   Chelsea has a special place in my heart.  When Ginger and I first started dating, she encouraged Ginger to continue to see me, regardless of my past.  She saw my heart, not my past.  And so, last weekend, I looked at Chelsea's heart, not her past.  And, like Ginger, she has a heart that yearns to be close to God.  

So we are finally going to get some cool weather tomorrow!  Fall is finally going to come.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!  Happy Photography!


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