Week 37: Rainbows and Quanah

It has been a good weekend.  I went to work on Saturday out in Lindale and was greeted by a beautiful rainbow.  Here is one of the shots:

I decided to turn this one black and white but leave the color of the rainbow.  The color shot is below:

Perhaps my favorite shot however is a panoramic view of the whole rainbow.  It was Rebecca who noticed we had the full rainbow, so I took about 10 shots of the rainbow from one end to the other and merged them to create this panoramic view:

It amazes me that each week I have a clean slate on what picture to take that week and God just provides.  In this case, with the changes that Ginger and I have been having in our lives it just shows us that God is with us. 

So last week, actually Monday, I was able to do some editing of some of the shots that I took in Quanah.  Here are the edited shots:

Ginger called this one the haunted forest

This was one of my favorites:

 I wanted to take some minimalist shots with trees, and turn them into black and white, these were my favorites:

So in other news, Ginger had decided her last doctor visit to try Latuda, switching to it from her regular mood stabilizer.  Last night we switched back to her regular medicine.  It has been a rocky 10 days for her with lots of rapid cycling, today after being on her regular medicine she is back to her old self.  One of those things where we tried to see if it would help and instead it caused more harm than good.  A lot of prayer and discussion went into switching back, but she has a fantastic support group willing to stand behind her.  I will say this, glad to have her back to her normal self!

I have one more week left working in Longview before I start my new job in Tyler.  You would think I would be nervous but I am actually getting pretty excited.  Ginger and I's family and friends have been really supportive in this transition and I have to give a shout out to our Bible Study group whose listening ears, prayers, and just letting me talk it out has been invaluable.  That and one day it looks like I am going to be taking pictures of golf holes (inside joke).  I mentioned something about naming my camera and the "Donald" suggested "Old Shooter".  So figured I'd give everyone else a chance to give me suggestions.  Feel free to put it on facebook in the comments section or text me. 

Thank you all for your prayers, we love you all!  Happy Photography!



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