Week 38: Penny, Lights, Wasp and Bench

So why is there a picture of a penny to start my blog?   Well, God used the simple penny to teach me a valuable lesson.  Long ago I began finding and picking up pennies at the apartments I worked at.  I would thank God for each penny that I picked up.  The lesson?  God provides.  He provides in vast and mysterious ways.  And He can use pennies to prove that point.  God, at least for me, has not just dropped a million dollars in my lap.  But He has provided for all my needs, a few of my wants, and I am blessed beyond measure with a beautiful, loyal and faithful wife, a wonderful home, friends who love me, and a God who cares for me.  And He just blessed me with a new job much closer to home.   Friday was my last day commuting to Longview, tomorrow I finally get to drive to work in Tyler.

I get to go out many  Saturday's and work in Lindale on, for lack of a better name, Rebecca's Ranch.  It has been a place of solitude, a place to pray and commune with God, while doing lots of different jobs and even getting a few photographs (like the rainbow from last week!).  Here is one from last week I forgot to post of a homeade bench.

So for the past week I have been playing with strip led lights to back light my computer desk and the shelf above.  I had to make some custom 3 way connectors, ordered a light that goes in my desktop lamp that can change colors with the strip lights and even some metal strips.

 Ginger likes the purple.  I can increase and decrease the intensity of the lights and my keyboard is an azio backlit keyboard.  Just a fun project to have.  Now, with the seasons I can change the colors.  It is pretty cool.

Finally, while I was having lunch in my last week at the apartments, I heard this buzzing and saw this wasp on the ground.  Of course I had my camera.  100mm Macro lens, laying down on the ground I began snapping away.  I have no idea what the wasp got into, but the next day the green stuff was gone and the wasp was dead.  Hey Mom, at least I put it toward the end of the blog!  Took a few shots because I wanted to get it's eye sharp.

I am truly excited about starting my new job!  I absolutely love painting so it is right up my alley.  I am gonna miss a few people, but I will be able to visit them.  God, however, opened the door and made it clear for me.  I don't know what adventures He has in store, but I know one thing, He is with me on them.


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