Week 34 Challenge: Halloween Creativity and Paint

So this weekend has been a blur of activity.  I got a text from a friend on Friday who needed some help with painting.  One of those, we need to get it done this weekend type of calls.  I was honored really.  So Saturday morning, there I was at 8am getting started.  It was quite a job, but with his help we were able to get it painted.  Lots and lots of paint!  The funniest part of the whole thing was when I decided to move a ladder with my small bucket of paint on top.  Yep, as an experienced painter I should know better.  That little voice in my head said, take it off.  Did I listen?  Nope.  Can we all guess what happened?  Yep, it fell over, onto me.  Luckily I was on plastic.  Bad news for me, I had paint from face to Tshirt to paints.  It was quite comical. So Mark just had to take a picture:

Luckily my Orange and Black Zebra Bandanna did not get too much paint on it.  Kudo's to Mark for getting me a rag really quick and thankfully I had an extra Tshirt. 

So I had to show, as well, one of the creations I've made for Halloween.  It is never to early for me to work on projects for Halloween.  I got a black bucket that had trick or treat on it at Michael's.  I've been playing with led strip lights and thought it'd be cool to put some in the bucket. 

One of the other new things we have picked up was a haunted house for Ginger and one for I.  You can figure out pretty much whose is whose!

Yep mine, that flashes lightning!

Ginger's that is cute!

Looks like that is the theme this year, haunted houses!  Of course I have not pulled everything out yet.  We officially start decorating labor day weekend, but that is fast approaching!  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!  God is good!


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