Week 33: Computer and Glitter

So this week, specifically Friday, Ginger came back from vacation!  I was so very happy!  I do pretty lousy without her around, laying around on the couch, I didn't even play much with my new computer. You would even think I would eat a lot of snack food, not so much.  Sleeping was hard, thankfully her favorite blanket is no replacement for her!  Yep, she is my better half, and most definitely is part of my creative process!   Needless to say I have gotten some good sleep the last few nights and just having her voice and laughter in the apartment is heavenly. We even have Friends playing now, she is a happy camper!

So I told Ginger's Dad, aka Daddio, I'd take a picture of the computer and give him some of the specs. 

We had a wonderful conversation at lunch talking computers.  So here are some of the specs:

6th generation i7-6700 3.4 MHz.  This processor makes Photoshop ran really well. 

16 GB DDR4 Ram expandable to 64 GB.

Two hard drives:

One 128 GB SSD (Solid State Drive).  This allows for programs to start up extremely fast.  How fast?  Windows boots up in less than 10 seconds fast.
A 2 TB Hard Drive that, for me, is for storing pictures.

Ultra Slim Supermulti DVD burner. 

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960 Graphics Card with 2MB video ram

High Definition Audio.

This isn't an exhaustive list,  but after 5 days of research, these specs were the important one's for me.  

In other news, Halloween/Fall has begun in the Peterson household! 

By no means is everything up, but I started by putting up a new addition into the fireplace.  Ginger loves glitter.  Did I mention she loves glitter?   Figuring out where to put it so we could see the glitter was tricky, but when we found the place, it just clicked.   There will be more pictures to come, but this just made Ginger so happy!  We did some shopping at Michael's because their Spooky Town items were 30% off.  As I get everything in their place, I will take more pictures.  We still have to do our fall shopping!  As a side note, Dad, I think I finally found the house to take a picture of to make a run down house.  Been eyeing it for a while.  Haven't forgotten! 

Hope everyone has a good week, my will be a 1000 times better than last week, Ginger is here!


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