Week 29: Photo Published and Cabin at night

It was 5 am on Thursday.  I could not sleep.  I'd been having a rough week at work, but what I was anxious about was something else.  I fired up my Kindle and got onto Zinio, an app I use to get digital copies of my photography and Photoshop magazines.  It was July 14th and the August issue of Digital Photo was coming out and in it was suppose to be a photo manipulation photo I had taken and submitted to them.  Bought and downloaded I scrolled to the section and there, in color, was my photo!  I can now take that item off my bucket list.  So for those that don't know, here is the photo in the It Works for Me section:

It is kind of surreal seeing your picture in a magazine!  I think of that day and remember that this particular photo almost didn't happen.  I had another couple of pictures I was going to use for my challenge, but sometimes there is a nagging idea in the back of your head that you just have to get out!  Definitely glad I spent the time to get this shot!

So this week's photo's, besides the above, are some night shots I took this week.  My favorite shot, by far is this one:


Black and White

So you can't see it very well, but to the left is Gretchen, a beautiful horse.  I was taught with her that when I approach her that I should talk to her.  So as I neared the barn I began calling her name.  I didn't want to spook her at night.  Knowing the sound of my voice she came out to greet me, saw I was the man with the camera, and went back into her stall.  Funny thing is she stood to the left so that I could get this shot.  So there I was, in front of her stall, climbed up so I could set my camera on a post.  All the posts are level, I should know, I put them in, so the shot was spot on.  This is one of those shots that I had pictured in my mind and just had to go down and take!

Another shot, this one of the outside of the cabin:


 Black and white

And another inside the cabin:

 Black and white

This last one has some sentimental value.  When Ginger walked into the cabin this week it had changed a lot since the last time that she saw it.  But one area hadn't, the place that I proposed to her.  You could see it on her face as she remembered that December night, the cold, the wood stove burning, and that last present to open, a box with a note inside that said, "Close your eyes....".   We still have that note.  And we are blessed to be able to visit and remember that spot.  And these years later my love has only deepened and matured for my soul mate.  I love Ginger with all my heart and the memories we have shared are joyous.  God knew what he was doing when he put us together!

You will notice on all the pictures I gave a color shot and a black and white.  I was experimenting with my pictures to see which I liked better.  For these particular shots I like the warm glow of the color shots even though I am partial to black and white usually.

On Tuesday we are suppose to have a full moon so I am hoping that I will be able to get a shot at the cabin!  I don't have a long range lens yet for my new camera, but I will in the future!  I am thinking my 100mm should allow me to get at least a good picture!

Hope everyone is having a good week!  This week is going to be busy at work, but at least I have a quiet place to go after work!  Happy Photography everyone!


Forgot to add one more:

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