Week 27: Cicada and it's Shell

So this week I had a conversation with another artist that enlightened me to the creative process that I follow, and her as well.  In fact, it is a thought process as well.

When I get a photographic idea it either goes on my white board of ideas or I will begin to mull it over in my head.  A seed that begins to take root.  The picture or composite then begins to morph as I begin the picture taking process.  Maybe a certain part is not in focus that I want.  Or something isn't there that I want, or is there that I don't.  And it is this process that I get lost in.  I can spend minutes, even hours, behind the camera and computer as the seed grows into a finished project.  Working alone, I can figure out what I need or what I should do, much like the pictures for this week.  It is also why I can take 75 pictures to get 1.  Working with someone, however, with this process requires questions, because I may not have the vision the other person has, or understand the intricate parts that need to be in place.  Does it take patience?  Yes.  But if you understand the process or dare I say enjoy the process then it is a journey into creativity where things can constantly change.  If you are rigid in your thinking, if you are not flexible, then this sort of path can be challenging.  But God has surrounded me with people who, despite my quirkiness, love me to pieces.  And I love this process because the end product is usually something pretty amazing.

So I guess I should apologize to my Mom from the get go, this post has a picture of a bug.  Well, several pictures.  This photo shoot with the cicada was a process.  I was looking for certain parts to be in focus.  It was in shade so I had to bump up the ISO.  Even then, I wasn't quite getting what I wanted and since I had forgotten my tripod, and my mono pod was not giving me the results I needed I pulled out my trusty ladder and that gave me the results I needed. 

So this the shot that originally caught me attention. I see a lot of the shells around this time of year, first time I was the cicada actually by it's own shell. 

So one of Ginger and I's favorites were these shots, which took some work getting into focus:

I was really working hard to get the eyes in focus.

Here is the shell:

And then it began to leave the shell:

 This one I liked because it put everything in focus:

It fascinates me how what I am going to use for my 52 week challenge is constantly evolving.  I find that if I just let my creative eye look around eventually something will inspire me or touch me.  I have a few photo composite ideas in my head, but it is in the incubation stage right now, just waiting to get wings.  Until then, Cicada's are cool insects, and even cooler to photograph!


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