Week 28: Portraits and Bins

This was a great weekend.  I got to take a few pictures that I absolutely adored.  The first is of our good friend Sami and her daughter Sarah:

Sarah is one of the most photogenic person's I have had the honor of photographing.  She is quite a natural.  Had to get some of Sami with her other children:

Of course you have to have a funny picture right?  Well Sami and hubby Damon were quite willing to allow me this wonderful shot:

 Who knew you could have this much fun at the Diner?!?  Seriously, we love Sami and Damon to death!

So beyond the pictures of people, I took this shot, turned it black and white and I just like it.  Of course it is of trash bins, but hey, they say another man's trash is another man's treasure (yuk yuk yuk!).

I did have a picture of Ginger sleeping, sadly that photo did not make the cut, she did not like that picture at ALL!  Lol.

Last Sunday I had the honor of reading a book by Laura Dykes called "Confessions of a Chronic Depressive".  Only 78 pages long, I was able to finish it in a day.  It was a fascinating book and one I highly recommend for those of us who suffer from depression.  What I loved about the book was how honest it was.  It wasn't a syrupy religious book, nor was it dryly clinical.  It was just one person relaying their experience with depression and what has helped, or not helped, with her.  I saw many parallel's not only in my own life but in Ginger's as well.  If you want a bird's eye view into depression, read the book.

Lastly, my thoughts and prayers go to all of the families involved in the tragedies this past week.  It hits home as close as we are to Dallas.


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