Week 30 Challenge: Hot Air Ballons and a Stalking Cat

This Friday, on the way in to work, I noticed hot air balloons in Longview.  They are out every year at this time.  I saw some on Thursday, but Friday is when everyone is out.  Got to work, got my camera out, and before I clocked in was able to get some fantastic shots.

 The next few were a few of my favorites:

I love this shot because of the sun lighting up the balloons and being in between the trees.  This was a tricky shot to post process.

 These next two shots (above and below)  enjoyed because of perspective.  It was actually not that easy to get in line to be directly below (Had to stand in middle of parking lot!)

 So I have some more shots from when I was at the cabin.  What you don't see in this first shot is that there is a bird feeder just beyond the frame.  This kitten was just waiting for a bird to come up!  It is one of my favorite shots.

 And this little critter shows how my camera can take good shots in low light.  In technical terms, this is at ISO 12,800, which is really high!  Yet I was able to capture some fantastic detail.  (And what would my blog be without an insect!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead.   I am looking forward to meeting with two groups this week, my Grace for the Afflicted reading book group and our community group!  Love them both and actually looking forward to them (introverts do not always look forward to socializing, but these groups I do look forward to!).  I can here the thunder of a storm outside, Ginger and I love storms, so I will bid farewell till next week!


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