Week 22: Kittens and Flowers

So for the past couple of weeks, I subjected my Mom to pictures of snakes and bugs on my blog.  Definitely boy stuff.  I get a text on Monday giving me encouragement on my photography, even the boy stuff, though she does want me to be careful around snakes!

So this week is for the girls, especially Mom.  You see, my family loves cats.  My Mom and Dad have two, Sarah and Abraham, and my brother and family have Drizzt.  (If you do not read fantasy, that name will mean nothing, however if you know who the Drow are, then the name is quite familiar).  Ginger and I would have a cat if Ginger was not allergic to them.  Me, I am definitely a cat person.

So this Saturday at what I refer to as my fun job, I was steadily working on the barn.  As I was cleaning up, putting up my equipment and finishing up the last of the jobs on my list, I noticed that the kittens that Rebecca's cat recently had were all up at the cabin by the front door.  They were as curious with me as I was with them.  Three were lined up and I practically ran to get my camera.  I had one chance to get this shot so it was not as in focus as I would like, but the shot was more important to me than the technical aspect.

It is one of my favorites.  The white and gray kitten was the most curious one, as seen by the shots below.  Very photogenic.

This is one that is a favorite of Ginger and I.  This one was very curious about what the man with the camera was doing!

Not to be out done, the shyest one was the black cat.  But the kitten also gave me one of the best shots and Ginger's favorite.

The striped kitten, however, gave me my closest shot.

And then I have a fascination with the flora out on Rebecca's ranch and so I took a couple of shots:  (I knew there was a reason I decided to throw my tripod in the Xterra when I left for work!)

On another note, Uncle Dinos and Aunt Susy are headed back to Greece tomorrow.  Susy gave Ginger a small painting of coffee and put it in a show box, so wanted to show her it is in a special place by our coffee bar:

So everyone, enjoy the pictures, I had a blast taking them.  Still learning the in's and out's of my camera but that is half the fun, discovering new things!

In my regular job, God continues to sustain me and give me strength each day.  Thank you to all who are praying for Ginger and I, we feel your prayers!


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