Week 21: A Dead Snake, Cracked Egg and Dried Leaf

So it has been quite an interesting week.  I have my regular job and then, on Saturday's, I have my fun job in Lindale, working on Rebecca's land.  Usually I am working on the barn, but you never know what I will be doing!  So yesterday afternoon we had a little bit of excitement in that we discovered a copperhead underneath some hay.  Actually Rebecca found it.  There is a story about it's demise but that information has been classified.  I can say, with all certainty, it took just one hit.  And of course, as a photographer you have to know that I took a picture!

First bugs, now snakes!  I can just imagine what the text from my Mom will be.....

So I decided to take some less icky shots.  I am always looking for cool leaves believe it or not.  I got a new light pad to put in my light box and decided to use it to take a picture of this leaf:

Just another tool in my arsenal for still photography!  And then there is this next piece.  It is very rare to find a hatched bird egg, especially a small one.  So when I saw this I had to pick it up, put it in my car and bring it to my studio.

Just a mix of different photography.  I am so thankful to God for giving me this love of photography.  I have been truly blessed in my life, my beautiful wife, my wonderful family and extended family, friends like Rebecca, and my artwork and photography.  Here is to many more photographs to come.


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