Week 20: A Little Magic and Insect

So during the course of my week, I have my camera with me just in case inspiration finds me, or an opportunity presents itself.  We were laughing at lunch today, I was asked if I sleep with my camera under my pillow!  The answer is no, but it is not far.  I do take it with me just about everywhere I go, though not to the grocery store or date night.  I have a boyish curiosity, especially when it comes to cool looking insects.  Maybe I should have been an Entomologist.  I do think that curiosity is essential for an artist.  Ginger came home as I was going through the pictures on my camera and she squeals as this picture comes up.  Doesn't matter that it is a picture, lol. 

But that is not all I have been up to.  I have had, in my head, this next shot bouncing around.  It is actually a combination of two shots.  First the finished shot:

So what makes this shot hard is two fold.  First you have to blend the two shots below together.  It took about 50 shots to get the lighting right for both shots.  Then, instead of using the self timer, I was using my remote release.  However, I had it laying on the ground and I was using my big toe to half press the button to focus, and then press to take the shot.  The original shots for this composite:

And yes, the lights were on.  Makes it much easier to focus.  

Besides this I decided to play around with a Photoshop tutorial.  Naturally, I wanted to use as much of my own stuff as I could.  Decided I would play around with Stonecross Font and the result is:

I really enjoyed doing this tutorial, it really is how I relax.  Either Photoshop or Photography, I love the creative process.  I do need to work on the business side of it, but all I really want to do is create.  Such is the life of this artist!  I am thankful that God has given me this gift.  Thank you, by the way, to all the kind comments from my last blog.  Your words were truly heart felt and I know that I am a very loved person.


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