Week 16 Challenge: Dry Flower and the End of an Era

So I am so excited to be writing this blog.  As I stated in my last blog, I ordered a new camera.  Here it is!

Ironic that the last picture that I took with my old camera is of the new camera!  So I decided to make the first picture of the new camera to be of the old camera:

There is going to be a little bit of a learning curve which I am excited about.  It is like learning to drive a Porsche after driving the Xterra.  I got an online book about the camera and I am devouring every word!  This camera is sooooo cool! 

Yesterday I got to go out and work on the barn of a very good friend of Ginger and I's.  You may remember the pictures from two weeks ago.  Gretchen has now bonded with Rebecca, and Missy, her dog, well, she continues to come up and greet me as I pull up.  I love going out on her land and working because you never know what you will be doing!  It's great!  Though I didn't do any pictures out there this time, I was able to grab a couple of flowers to take to my studio, put in my light box, and snap away with my new camera!  Here are the two I took:

 This is a dried flower, not sure what kind it is, that I just thought was cool.

And this one was by the side of the road.

The image quality is vastly superior to my 600d.  I could not be happier.  And these pictures are taken without me knowing all the full capabilities of the camera!  But with my 100mm Macro lens, the camera sings. 

So yesterday I was able to go out to Lindale and work.  The land is covered by God, you can almost physically feel His covering on it.   And the talks that Rebecca and I have, I get confirmations, I learn what God has been teaching me, and I also get comforted.  It is special to be able to look around and see that I had a hand in building, planting, digging different things.   With the chaos of my regular job, going out there is a breathe of fresh air.  And this time I got to go a little into the woods and memories came back of how I cleared paths in the woods.  It was a good nostalgic feeling!  Bonus, I get to go back in two weeks!

This coming weekend, however, my parents are coming into town!  I can't wait to see them on Thursday!  It is going to be so much fun to be able to share with them what has been going on and I am sure there will be some Godly wisdom to some of the struggles I have been dealing with lately!  But it will just be good to see them! 

And then, if that wasn't enough good news, our very good friends Sami and Damon have gotten a booth in a boutique in Whitehouse!  And I have been invited to put some prints of my photographs out!  Who knows where this may lead, but Damon, who is a painter, and I as a photographer, can really talk artist speak (A language that artists speak, where we can talk all things art).  I am in agreement with Sami, Damon and I are made from the same mold by God.  Our similarities are uncanny.  Brother from another mother.  Anywho, I am looking into making some business cards so we shall see which direction God takes my photography!

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful day!  Rain is coming, but should be clearing out by the time I go get my parents.  It is going to be hard to concentrate at work! 


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