Week 15 Challenge: Oil and Water revisited and news

In the fifteen weeks that I have been taking photographs for my personal challenge, my favorite so far has been my oil and water pictures. So as the era of my Canon T3i comes to a close, I decided to pull out the oil and water and make some more fun pictures.  Knowing what I did last time, I was able to use different lights and even use a black light!

Here is the set:

When Ginger saw this she said it looks like space.  This is actually oil and water but it is a favorite of Ginger and I!

Here is a blow up of the picture below.   Notice the snake (that Paul sees), or tadpole (as Ginger sees) in the middle puddle.

The big picture

I call this Otherworld

These are my two black light pictures.  Had a lot of fun with Photoshop on these!

Here are some more greenish world photos.

So if you caught the reference in the first paragraph about the end of an era, and have looked through all the pictures and made it here, then you get to hear about some big news.  This morning, with Ginger's blessing, I ordered my new camera.  Through a lot of prayer, and research I was able to order a Full Frame and Pro Grade camera.  In fact, it was Ginger who said to make that final push to send the order!  Ginger has, in fact, been one of my biggest supporters as she has seen how passionate about photography I am. 

The final decision came when I got the specs on some of the new cameras coming out.  Since I am not a videographer, it helped narrow down my choice.  Having a crap load of Amazon gift cards helped too!  So by the end of the week, and in time for my parents to come down and visit, I will have my new camera in my hands.  I am stoked! 

For those of you who have prayed for me about work, thank you.  My job actually was better this week, but that was because the temp help and I were able to click and get 7 make readies done.  I hear they are trying to separate us this week, so here comes the chaos.  Why do people try to tweak what works?  I do not understand it, but ultimately what has helped me is by focusing that my work is for God and that I am not trapped.  So no matter what comes I realize God, not man, is in control.  Thank you again for the prayers, please keep them coming!  I hope ya'll have a wonderful week!


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