Week 17 Challenge: Self and Other Portraits

This has been a wonderful week, if only for the fact that my Mom and Dad came into town!  I love being able to sit down with them and just talk.  Talk about how life is going, spiritual and physical, and get advice and wisdom on the journey forward.  I am not always right, sometimes I look at something wrong, and sometimes I look at something different.  I love hearing my Mom talk about her quilting.  Her eyes light up (much like Ginger says mine do when I talk about photography) and I get to hear about the process she goes through.  Much like my Dad and his wood working.  I get a double dose of precision, so it is no wonder that I look for fine detail. 

And I get perspective on work and wisdom on how to proceed forward.  I get a spiritual perspective.  And then there are our talks about God.  As my Dad said, I have come a long way in 14 years.  Wow, 14 years. 

So there were pictures taken.  Of course there were pictures taken!  My nephew Michael came up from Texas A&M to see his grandparents and Mom and Dad.

Dad, Michael and I went for a walk at the hotel and I took a perspective picture of the bridge:

One of my favorite pictures was of my lovely wife:

And then some plants by our apartment:

Of course, I had to get into the studio and play with my camera a little bit with some self portraits.  I was playing with perspective.  I even wanted to do a little fish eye perspective:


 Fish Eye

Yes, the level of detail is much more noticeable, especially since I can make these pictures poster size and catch all the detail.  Mr. GQ.  Of course, I do not plan on making any posters of me!  Ginger of course loved the pictures of me.....

It has been a fun week.  Not sure what I will be walking into going to work tomorrow, but after spending 4 days with family and friends, I have my perspective back and know what is really important.  Have a wonderful week everyone!


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