Week 11 Challenge: Strange Flowers and Coins

So this week we had a LOT of rain.  In Tyler about 7 inches over a couple of days.  Today, the sun is out and Ginger is quite happy!  Today's photo inspiration actually came from a tree in our backyard.  Actually, we have a friend, Christian who is also a photographer who inspired me with a picture of his and I found these flower pods to take a picture of:

This is Ginger's favorite, with color. 

This is a black and white of the same shot.
Here is the shot with the white balance changed to give it an otherworldly blue:

The last shot is the closest to the shot that inspired me for this weeks challenge.  As I was taking these shots, I happen to look over and see a single flower and decided it would be an interesting shot:

With my 100mm Macro Lens, I was able to get a good shot of it with quite a bit of detail.  I actually played with the Levels to give it more of a bluish tint.  Part of my artistic license.

On another note entirely.  At work I am known as the change collector.  If there are pennies laying on the ground (or nickels, dimes, quarters), I am usually picking them up.  In fact, when people leave things in the apartment, everyone knows that all I am really interested in is the change, or cool things to take pictures of.  So I decided to change in my 5 1/2 years worth of coins.  So I gathered most of the silver change and one of my jars of pennies and.....

Yeah, that's a lot of change.  Here is the kicker, here is what I have left:

Needless to say, this is all going into the new camera fund!  That fund has been growing, and April is when the camera I have been eyeing is suppose to be announced.  I've been waiting over a year in deciding on a new camera.  I have decided to go Full Frame and I have decided to get a Pro Grade camera.  My camera is considered an Enthusiast camera, so I am looking to upgrade.  I need better image quality and low light ability.

Of course it is coming at a good time.  I have been asked to photograph a wedding in August!  I've actually assisted in 3 weddings, this will be the first in which I am the primary photographer.  I am pretty stoked. Of course I like the creative aspect of wedding photography.  

Work has been crazy.  Last week I was in what I consider an apartment from hell.  3 days worth of work.  But God was with me.  The first day was spent fixing nine drywall patches and starting on the make ready.  I should say I was navigating through the dog crap the resident's dog had left around the baseboards.  The next day was spent sanding and texturing those patches, and the bad patches that were done by the contractors who had done the apartment before.  I used 3/4 a box of mud for the texturing (yes, that is alot).  Then I hit the make ready hard.  Besides fixing bifold doors, fixing doors, moving appliances out, fixing appliances, putting appliances in, etc.  I have a notebook I document everything I do in an apartment.  It filled two pages.  On the third day I finished the make ready and hit the painting like a mad man possessed.  Since painting is my forte, I was able to speed through it.  Not that I like spending most of the week in one apartment, I was happy with the product I put out.  All this while we had epic rain, flooding, and I had to leave early one day to make sure I got home (two of my three routes home were flooded).  But it got done.   Thank goodness for my Rhapsody subscription, which kept the music flowing.  Now if I can just keep from getting sick I will be dong well!

I hope everyone had a blessed week.  I am not sure what work has in store for me but I won't let it stress me too bad.  Life is too short.


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