Week 13 Challenge: Pancakes and Azalea Trail

 Happy Easter!  He Is Risen! 

The mind of an artist.  I thought of this as I was cooking dinner on Friday night.  I was making bacon (I LOVE bacon) and then I made pancakes.  Except I don't make just any pancakes, I make mini pancakes.  I am not sure why I started that tradition, only that it stuck and when I make pancakes I make a lot of little one's.  Here is a photo:

Now back to the mind of an artist.  I thought, this would make a great picture.  So I got my camera.  Took the picture.  Too dark, and too blurry.  So I got my flash and flash triggers.  Still a little blurry.  So I got my tripod and my remote release.  Soon I had a mini studio in the kitchen to take pictures of....mini pancakes.  If you are wondering if the pancakes got cold, well, yeah they did.  But a little peanut butter (yes I eat my pancakes with peanut butter, a little habit I picked up....) and syrup and they were fantastic! 

So in week 11 I took a picture of some coins.  A lot of coins.  Here it is:

This is a culmination of 5 1/2 years of collecting pennies and coins.  Pennies laying in all sorts of places.  The road, sidewalks, in vacant apartments that people have left.  I had already cashed in the silver two weeks ago.  Yesterday, Ginger and I decided to cash in these pennies at Coinstar.  Pretty easy, put coins in, and if you get a ecard (in my case Amazon), it costs you nothing but time.  I asked Ginger how much she thought was there, she said $200, which I thought was a little high, I thought around $150. You should see the looks when you take a cart full of pennies to the machine.  50 minutes later we had the final count. 19,541 pennies, 18 nickels, 42 dimes, and 2 quarters.  Final total:  $201.01.  Ginger was almost spot on (yes, listen to your wife I hear some of you saying!).  Final total all together, minus the one jar I missed, $564.26 in amazon gift cards. So some of those photography items I have been eyeing....The send button has been hit.....

This week we have the Azalea trail starting.  Our azalea's are blooming and Ginger and I decided to walk around the neighborhood yesterday, me with my camera, Ginger looking for dogs to pet.  No lie, she looks for dogs to pet!  Believe it or not, this trip I took no shots of azalea's.  That is next week.  My favorite shot from yesterday however was this:

Ginger saw a door and path she loved:

And another shot (can you tell purple was catching my eye?):

There will be more shots of flowers I am sure in the coming week.  No mold shots this week, for those that came on the post to check out the "strange leaf!"  Thanks for all the wonderful comments about it, I got more Ewwwww, awesome shot! texts!  Thanks everyone!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!  Had a heck of a week at work.  But not as much as Ginger did.  For those that don't know, a time change can affect the mood of someone with a mood disorder.  So let's add a time change, the spring equinox, and throw in a full moon, all of which, on their own, can affect Ginger's mood.  All together, and her anxiety and bipolar sky rocketed.  She is blessed, however, to have a wonderful doctor who helped guide her medication and a support group of family and friends who come along side of her to help her when things get tough.  The good news, she is over the hump.  On Friday I heard the words, I am starting to feel myself and this weekend has been, for the most part, smooth.  We went from Def Con 5 down to Def Con 1.  God has surrounded her with those that love her, and her husband loves her quite a lot!  Thank you for all your prayers and support!  Tonight may be a little of the Sunday Blues, but I have a plan.......

Have a good week!


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