Week 10 Challenge: Birthday Pie and a Strange New World

Well today is my birthday!  Had a wonderful birthday with my love who made me a wonderful limeade pie!  It is actually a tradition from my childhood, and my Mom gave my lovely wife the recipe to make it and she has carried on the tradition.  I asked her to make it purple, just wanted something different.  Here are a couple of pictures (and they are part of my weekly challenge photos!):

This was the first shot, handheld. 

This was the second shot, on a tripod.

Purple, incidentally, is a very hard color to get right in camera, at least that is my experience.  But I am learning a lot by taking the hard shots, making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes.  You will notice that the first picture is in focus in the middle and goes out of focus as you go out.  The second picture is more in focus, because of the use of a tripod and an increase in the f stop. 

As far as any project, I decided to play around with black lights, a rubber ball, a black light torch and regular torch.  The best picture came, naturally, toward the end:

Blue World

This is the same world, but turned red.

I was going for the effect of looking like an alien world.  This is actually just a regular rubber ball!  Had a lot of fun taking them.

Of course, after last week's oil and water pictures, I cannot wait to revisit that type of project again!  I received a lot of good feedback.

Hope everyone had a good week!  Mine was a little rough, I tried to take my thumb off with a hack saw!  It is, however, healing up nicely!  (No, did not get stitches)  I was going to put a picture of it on here but my wife took one look at the picture and said "That is too yucky!"  Okay, listening to the wifey!

Thanks to God and all my family and friends!  Love ya'll!


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