Week 12: Photo Shoot and Strange Leaf

So yesterday I was able to do a senior photo shoot.  It was a fantastic opportunity to see how far my skills had come.  It was also the first time I had taken my flash off the camera and used what is called off camera flash in a portrait shoot.  Because of the wind yesterday, I could not use my flash stands, so I needed someone to physically hold the flash.  I have been practicing off camera flash quite a bit, good to use it in a professional sense now.

I am learning, more and more, about molding light.  Little did I know that by building my light box, it would take me on a journey to learn more about light and how to mold light.  I have quite a lot more to learn, but when I saw the glimpses of changes that the flash created, well, it just excites you to continue the journey!  Here is one of my favorites:

Here is another I liked:

I enjoy black and white as well:

This next photo was one where I began learning color selection in Photoshop and just sat in front of my computer and learned by trial and error.  But I love the learning process. 

I just wanted to show the green shirt, let it pop out of the photograph. 

I had a lot of fun with this photo shoot!  So on Facebook I am going to be putting the following picture in a post asking people to guess what it is:

There is a story behind it.  Ginger loves to eat strawberries and blueberries in her yogurt.  Well I opened up the refrigerator one afternoon and saw that mold had gotten on some of the strawberries.  I told Ginger to leave it, I wanted to take pictures of it.  Ginger just shakes her head.  Here is a bigger picture:

Just goes to show that the creative mind of an artist can sometimes see a picture in things that aren't very creative!  Hope everyone is having a good week!  I feel a more talkative blog coming, still formulating it in my mind, pondering in my heart as Ginger says!  It will be coming soon!  Until then Happy Photography!


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