Week 9: Oil and Water and other worlds

So I saw this tutorial about photographing oil, soap and water.  So with what has become photography time on Sunday afternoon, I got the olive oil out, some dish soap, and my light box and proceeded to create!

This was my absolute favorite shot.  I was the fifteenth shot (of twenty one).  As soon as I put it up on the computer I knew it would be my favorite.  It is one of those shots that in camera it didn't look as awe inspiring to me as it did when I got it big.  It looks like another world, exactly the effect I was looking for!

 The first shot out of the bunch happened to be good as well:

 I really enjoyed this project and I think I will be exploring this type of shot again.  The top shot I used a torch (a small flashlight), and the bottom shot was with my lighted light box.  Both shots were f/8 ISO 100, which insured the best quality of the image.

In another shot entirely, I took this picture back in October.  Last week I was going through my images to clean up my memory card.  I found this picture of a Giant Leopard Moth that I had taken in the parking lot.  I actually was down on the ground to get the shot.  Here it is:

What I didn't notice until last week was in the bottom left.  When I first saw it I could not believe my eyes and looked up on the internet to see if I was right, this moth was laying it's eggs right there.  Here is a blown up shot:

One of those shots that you don't realize just how special it is!  I was pretty excited.  This is one of the reasons I love photography, the unexpected!  From other world shots with oil and water to moth eggs.  Life is good!

Hope everyone had a good week!


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