Week 6 Challenge: Conformity and Water Glass Refraction with Black Light

 So I decided to speak a message with my photography.

 To conform to negativity is to be handcuffed to conformity.  (Yes, those are real handcuffs!)

 From the website http://www.simplypsychology.org:

Conformity is a type of social influence involving a change in belief or behavior in order to fit in with a group. This change is in response to real (involving the physical presence of others) or imagined (involving the pressure of social norms / expectations) group pressure.
Conformity can also be simply defined as “yielding to group pressures” (Crutchfield, 1955).  Group pressure may take different forms, for example bullying, persuasion, teasing, criticism, etc.  Conformity is also known as majority influence (or group pressure).

As an artist I believe in individuality.  I believe in being able to express yourself.  Too often people want to put other people in a box.  Be this way, or that way.  Cookie cutter.  I've seen it at jobs I've been on, at churches I've gone too, and at social events I've attended.  Each day I get stronger in my individuality and the negative opinions of others who want to pressure me has become less of a factor in my life. I have no problem with constructive criticism, I welcome it.  I do have a problem with criticism that is meant to bully, tear down, or make you look less than you are.  I do have a problem with those who use passive aggressive behavior to "get back" at others.   I will not conform because of these types of criticism.  Neither am I motivated positively by these types of criticism.  You will not ever get my best by using fear, intimidation, bullying or these types of criticism. Do you want my best?  Be genuine.  Be honest.  Don't use double standards.   It is that simple. 

This week I received my new Photoplus magazine and saw a tutorial on this optical wizardry (their words).  So I applied my own spin on it by putting black light bulbs with my light box and fluorescent back drops to create the following pictures.

Ginger loves the top picture, says it looks like a painting.  My baby doll is my number one fan!  God is good!  Enjoy this week's photos!


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