Ninja Mouse!

So how many of you like pictures that tell a story?  Oh yes, the above two pictures have quite a funny story behind them.  

So the ever loving hubby that I am walks into the living room last week and sees the top off said peanuts.  Ginger is in the kitchen and I say, "Ginger did you eat some peanuts?"  I was confused because the top was off.  Ginger looks at me with a look that says, no, I did not eat any peanuts!  And says, "no I didn't have any."  When your wife is watching her food intake any accusation about eating food that has not been partaken of is a good way for hubby to get the look!  Husbands know EXACTLY what I'm talking about....

It was then that I noticed red particles that use to be the lid.  My thought, we had one hungry mouse to eat that lid!  It was gone!  Not only that but the peanuts were gone and the canister was not tipped over.  We had one heck of a acrobatic mouse.  Ninja mouse coming to a home near you!  

Well Ginger gets a hold of our landlords who graciously give us the items needed to catch the elusive mouse.  So I seal up any cracks that may be an entry way and we set our traps up ready to catch our thief.  Nothing.  The mouse is gone.

Is the story done, oh no!  Ginger is cleaning today and I'm doing the walmart run (at 12:00 pm it is a mad house in that store.  Little old ladies are staring you down for the last package of toilet paper. ) Anyway, I digress, I get back and Ginger says I've got something to show you that will blow your mind.  Hmmm, great!  Walk over to the couch and she has a cushion up.  Behind the cushion is a chewed on peanut lid and several peanuts, our missing peanuts to be exact. 

So here is the mystery for you sleuths out there.  How did all the peanuts (about 30) get from the coffee table inside the container to in the couch behind the cushion?  With the chewed on lid, which had pieces of the lid by the canister on the coffee table but ended up behind the cushion?  All this without knocking over the canister, no scratch marks on the couch, and no droppings anywhere in sight. 

We have no entry ways that would allow a critter bigger than a mouse to get in and those cracks have been taken care of. 

Of course now ninja mouse has disappeared.  Maybe instead of almonds as bait I oughta use peanuts.  That or all that joking around about Spooky our resident ghost (he's a stuffed ghost for those that don't know) is really true.....

Anyway, the good news is, no sign of any mice.  None.  It's like they got together and said hey, let's play a trick on the humans, this should really twist their mind!  Yep, sufficiently twisted.

So if you have any ideas, feel free to let me know, as it is Ginger and I are laughing our heads off at the insane theories we are coming up with! 



  1. Try peanut butter on the trap... Good luck!! He does sound like a Ninja!! ;)


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