Double Date

So Friday night Ginger and I went out on a double date with Brandon, a very good friend of mine, and his new girlfriend Olivia.  Here is a picture:

It was a great Friday night.  We ended up at Chili's and ended up staying for 2 hours, just talking and enjoying each other's company.  Olivia fit in quite well with the rest of us and it was fun to see how Brandon and Olivia reacted to each other.  They look at each other like Ginger and I do and it is fun to see love blossoming right before our eyes.  There is lots of playfulness, fun, and oh yeah, over 2000 text messages!  Before you go 2000!  May I remind you that Ginger and I sent that many at least when we were first going out.  Ginger actually used to write them all down for a keepsake.  We kept the early email's too and it is fun to go back and look at how our own love was birthed and blosssomed.  Olivia uses a wheelchair at times but I won't call her handicapped.  Oh no, not me.  She has never let her disability define her and it is obvious in the fact that she owns her own cattle business with her Mom.  I'd call her a spitfire.  And her and Ginger seemed to hit it off quite nicely, in fact they play scrabble together on the iphone now.  Small world.

The funny thing is, these two lovebirds have hit some of the early road blocks Ginger and I did when we first went out.  Olivia has been "warned" about Brandon by those in a certain ministry and yet her counselor, mom, and grandmother adore Brandon.  Hmmmm, seems to me that if those who are closest to her approve that you might think twice about those warnings.  Oh yes, and Brandon's sponsor loves the fact that Brandon has found Olivia, should I mention now that I'm his sponsor?
Ginger had people at that ministry and another warn her about me.  I was damaged goods.  And yet, almost 3 years into our marriage we are still in love, crazy about each other, and will break out in thumb wars if given the chance (we were seperated at one ministry for this act). 

So it is no coincidence to me that these two lovebirds have been brought into Ginger and I's path.  Brandon has been very open to me about this relationship, no one is trying to hide anything.   For Olivia's side, I think that people try to "protect" her, thinking she needs protecting because she has a wheelchair and has dealt with certain issues.  My issue with this is, did she ask for your opinion?  Did she ask for your protection?  Because the young lady I met at Chili's, well, she has a very good head on her shoulders.  When leaving she asked Brandon for help at one point, so she is capable of asking for help when needed.  Her Mom, who we met briefly, we could tell in that brief moment was quite a capable protector of her daughter.  I wouldn't want to incur the wrath of her, just sayin. 

If you have misgivings about this relationship, your welcome to express your opinion to both of them.  To use the ministry as a backdrop to try and prevent it is just wrong.  Of course they didn't figure that Brandon's sponsor was me either, who keeps up with the rules.  And just like Ginger and I, Brandon is keeping everything in the open.  And when people hurt Ginger's feelings, they dealt with me and already I see that same fire in Brandon, and that is a protection I'm sure that Olivia will welcome.  

The fact is blooming love is an awesome experience to witness.  It is beautiful and fun, with lots of laughter.  In just one double date I knew there would be more because to be a part of their experience is a walk down memory lane for us as we remember how our love grew.  And the fact that they've allowed God into their courtship, that they want Him to guide them, well, I can already see that as well.  After all, many thought Ginger and I's love would wane after the excitement wore off.  Funny, almost 3 years into marriage and I'm just as excited to see her now as I was back then.  Show's you what the naysayers knew.....



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