Sparky and I

Sparky and I are having dinner tonight and we were missing Mommy.   Sparky has taken to wearing a bandanna like Dad, since Mommy loves Daddy in his, he thought he'd be like me.  I realize this sounds totally crazy, a stuffed squirrel is our little son, but Ginger SWEARS he's real when I make him talk!  Actually Sparky has a long history with Ginger and I, the first of our critters that come to life when I speak for them.

Lest you think this is nuts, might I remind you that there is much more, in all seriousness.  With bipolar and anxiety, laughter is very good medicine.  Sometimes you have to get creative and Ginger just happen to pick the creative husband pick.  The fact is the sound of her laughter is like an angel singing to my ears.  That beautiful smile and there is a look in her eyes, meant just for me, that says oh baby, I love you so much.  Nobody gets that look but me.  And if it takes making a squirrel talk to get that look and smile, well, I'd be a fool not to.

Our love is a special love.  She is a crown jewel, priceless, beyond worth to me.  There is not a woman on earth to me who is more beautiful me both on the inside and out.  She completes me and I'll always be thankful to God that He sent an angel from heaven to be married to me.


Just wanted my baby to know I was thinking of her tonight.....

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