Pictures and such!

Wow, didn't realize I hadn't posted in a little over a week!  I've got the pictures, but it's been busy with Ginger going to Florida and all.  Of course busy is a relative term.  I spent over 12 hours over the weekend trying to get past a Chocobo race in Final Fantasy X.  Depending on who you talk to they say it is arguably the hardest side quest in the Final Fantasy games.  I'll let you know after the lightning dodge.  The funny thing is I was fully prepared to take the week getting past it.  When I talked to my Mom on Mother's Day we were laughing about Chocobo's!  It had a more serious application though, the Chocobo's that is.  It kept my mind occupied.  With Ginger gone for a week and an empty house, it kept me busy.  Did I think about drinking, nope, I kept thinking I have to get a race time of 0:00 which meant hitting 12 to 13 ballons, avoiding birds, and getting a perfect run.  About an hour after talking to Mom I did it, quite by sheer luck.  Anyway, you want some pics I bet, so here we go:

 Picture 1:  An Ant's View of our hallway
Picture 2:  The beautiful green after the wonderful rain we've had
Picture 3:  The ghost that haunts our studio, Spooky (He's a friendly ghost!)
Picture 4:  Challenging shot, blue light at left, bright light on right to meld together on Coke Can
Picture 5:  Ginger is packing for Florida and ready!
Picture 6:  What I get to eat while Ginger is away!
Picture 7:  My Ginger Pillow.  I pulled it out of my box of keepsakes.  I used this when we were engaged and I missed her.  A little perfume and it smells like her.  Not a good substitute for the real thing, mind you, but helps me get to sleep.
Picture 8:  Buddy Boy misses Ginger....
Picture 9:  The true reason I stay sober....Jesus

I miss my wife alot but I know that she is having a wonderful time!  Last night I was up too late fighting Masester Seymour, Defender X, and the fiends of Mt. Gazaget.  Good times.  Tonight, should I accept the challenge, it's the Sanctuary Keeper, Yunalesca,, and the Spectral Keeper.  Hey, it keeps my mind occupied!  In all seriousness, I'd mentioned it before that you always need a plan in recovery.  I'd planned for this week and things have gone well.  For the most part, because I have things that can occupy me at home, I go to work, come straight home and stay.  You'd be surprised at how much trouble you can stay out of by staying home.  Shower, talk to my lovely wife, eat, and then it's 7:30 or 8.  Play a mind numbing game for 3 hours and your exhausted.  Hey, it works, but you have to want it.  Just sayin.....


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