Moonlit Scapes

Okay, first photo is of two gifts I've gotten from Ginger when we were engaged.  The bottom book is a devotion, the top is very special.  It is over a 100 ways that Ginger loves me.  Hand written, it is very, very special and sits in a very special place on my night stand.

Second photo is of the moon (obviously) and of the upcoming full moon that would be coming a few days later.

Third shot is a shot I envisioned, old technology vs. new technology.  The phone on left is mine, perfect for me because of my work.  It has gotten paint on it, been dropped, scratched, etc. and it still works like a charm.  Ginger on the other hand, my beautiful bride, get's alot of use out of her iphone!

The next two shots (the second of the two is my favorite) of the full moon last night.  I was out in the front yard with my equipment, in the backyard, trying to get the shots I wanted.  I'd already gotten a detail shot of the moon a couple of days ago, I was looking to get the moon and the trees around our home.  After about 100 shots I got the shots I wanted.  The first is out front, the second is out back.  I have more I may post later.

The last photo is of my command center (kinda looks that way with the blue light).  I've been having so much fun on my game, and Ginger has been in the room next to it playing her games.  I've been able to play in moderation, though the weekends are times I can play for some extended time.  However, when it comes to date night last night, the game didn't interfere!  Though I did step out to take some pictures with Ginger's blessing....

All in all, I had so much fun last night with the moon.  I wouldn't stop till I had the shot I wanted but I've learned persistence and thank goodness that I've studied how to use my camera! 

God is soooo good!



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