Spooky in the apartment

So I wanted to tell the story of Spooky, our friendly little ghost. This is spooky. Ginger and I were in Hallmark, looking for Halloween crafts and such. We'd spent the afternoon a couple of weekends ago doing just that and really, just enjoying each other's company. And then Ginger spied Spooky. She walks over to me and says, oh baby, I want him. Well, how can I say no to those beautiful golden hued eyes of hers? Well, in typical fashion, once Spooky was in the car I gave him a voice. Yes, I've worked with puppets before so I have, shall we say, a knack for making inanimate objects come to life. We have one other critter that I do that quite regularly with, so now Sparky has a friend. Spooky guards the candy and keeps any other ghosts out of the house! The candy jar you see in the picture, well, I painted letters on it to say trick or treat on one side and sweet tooth remedy on the other. Yes, ever the artist. But what Spooky did was start our little halloween tradition. I realize that for some it is all about evil. And maybe for some it is. But it is not the holiday that is necessarily evil, it is the people and how they celebrate it. For Ginger and I it is the start of the holiday season, and as such, a time to have fun, and for one night at least, eat all the candy we want. And with the crafts we've made, and lil Spooky, we have begun something that we will cherish for years to come.

But Spooky has another purpose as well, along with Sparky. They make Ginger laugh. Anyone with depression, anxiety, or bipolar issues will tell you that laughter is always helpful. It gets their mind off of things they dwell on or their mind races about. And God, early on in our relationship, gave us the gift of laughter, or for me to be able to put a smile on her face with my downright goofiness sometimes. We have private moments with our critters in which we roll on the floor laughing, enjoying life.

Ginger and I look at our life and thank God daily for it. He provides for us in so many ways, including emotionally. I love my wife dearly and she is worth far more than rubies. I get to reflect on that during the day sometimes, how blessed I truly am to have a wife who loves me as she does. She accepts me as I am. When I walk in the door from work, covered in paint, wore out from rolling paint all day, she looks at me with those beautiful eyes, gives me a kiss, and tells me how good I look. Her favorite shoes of mine are my work boots. She loves her hard working man. She was sent straight from God, a hand picked angel, to me.

And sometimes I truly think she is an angel. In November she will be giving her testimony at CR. I'm excited, since the last time I heard it was right before we started dating. I'm in it now, of course, and we've been able to reflect this exciting journey we are on. It is hard to imagine life before Ginger, I just stand amazed that marriage and a wife such as her can truly be mine, a true, a very much blessing from God....


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