A brief update!

I know, I know, I haven't blogged for awhile and I know that my Mom is wondering if she'll ever get another blog to read! I have been super busy, I got a very special visitor two weekends ago, and last weekend I spent Saturday halloween craft shopping with Ginger. We had an absolute blast. I've posted them on facebook, but I'll try to put some of them in here as well. Last Sunday I was in meetings for about 5 hours, so I was spent. Yesterday I helped a friend install about 400 foot of water line. Needless to say I'm sore, but I was paid well, and today all I really have to do is go to Walmart to grocery shop after church.

Do you believe you can be prayed into a place? Whether that is work, or a church, a ministry or such? There is power in prayer I believe. I was talking to a couple of people at work, Christian's trying to find their way in this life. And as I've shared bits of my faith with them, one of them looks at me and says, we prayed they'd hire another Christian who would help pray for the apartments, for work, etc. And suddenly, for just a glimpse, I got to see a bigger picture in God's world. I'm not some super spiritual guy who thinks that God can use only me. But I got to see how God will direct His people, even if we don't know the whole plan, because He knows it and that's enough for me. There was a lot more than me just getting a job, he had a purpose for me going there beyond the monetary getting a job thing. So if He sent me there, I know He is taking care of me.

I do love my job. I paint mostly, something I love to do. I get along with the crew and have become a team player. I'm learning to, as my Dad has told me, to move on from talking so much about the past, and concentrate on how God is helping me now. Bits of my past come up sometimes, I've had to affirm I don't drink, but I'm learning there is life after addiction.

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