The Summit!

I'm back! California was amazing, or should I say the Celebrate Recovery Summit was amazing. The weather was divine (the high was 78) so I didn't have to be concerned with the heat. It was my second time to go and Ginger's first.

I went to get recharged, Ginger went to see the big picture. I came with questions, looking for answers, Ginger just came to experience. And we both found what we were seeking. Ginger was awed by the 3000+ people worshiping God. You have to understand the significance of this, 3000 people who were cast away as damaged goods, freaks like me, all with a past, all with some hurt, habit, or hang up who found they didn't have the answer but Jesus did, and now, in recovery they are helping others. Every single one of them, from the people in the audience to those teaching and leading worship. Many of us had at one time left a swath of destruction in our wake, more damaging than a F5 tornado, now having turned from our destructive ways we try to lead others to the Healer, who healed us, and can heal them, and turn their lives around.

Many of us on the ministry team get tired through the year so it is a time to recharge, ask questions, and get with other leaders and lean on their wisdom of experience. I didn't want to fall into a performance trap so I was going to learn from wiser leaders on the pitfalls to avoid. And God answered my prayer. Wonderfully. And I didn't have to ask one question to a person. I'd prayed to God before going, I asked Him my questions, and throughout the three days of the summit He answered my questions. It led me to make one change, I got back to coleading a group. Not running a group, helping the main leader of the group of codependency. It was a God thing. When I get to CR I'm running around helping set up, getting things organized, making sure everything is in place. What I was losing was the intimacy of the ministry, the sharing in the small group because usually I was out during the small groups with Marty the ministry leader helping with problems that arise. But he can handle that. I need that time I can go into a small group setting and share (especially about codependency). I still struggle with it, and I had to come to a point where I admitted that. It's hard. Your one of the main leaders, your suppose to have it all together you tell yourself. I mean I have a handle on addiction so I'm cured right? Wrong. It's like an onion, once you get past that layer, there are others that you have to peel back to get to the root of the issues that caused your addiction. Well, this is a marathon not a sprint. And sometimes even us leaders don't "have it all together". And what I found is that even the founder of CR and his team have times they don't "have it all together". I'm not alone. And with God, once you finally say, okay I need you, He meets you with open arms, wraps you in His arms, and whispers softly to you that He will indeed help you. God met me.

Ginger got to see the big picture and had a life changing experience. She got it as far as why she does what she does. And God brought us closer together. Tanna, thank you for your comments, glad we are good! And you'll all be happy to know that I took some of my artwork to CR because some of the team that I went to summit wanted to see my work. They didn't realize I could do portraits that good. And you know what...I got a commission out of it. I'll have the picture next Monday to begin the work. It was another prayer God answered.

One thing you can all do for me is pray for me. I've been working in an attic the past three days. You can imagine if it is 100+ outside how hot an attic is. Should be done today. I've drank lots of gatorade and water, Ginger makes sure of that!

Anyway, thought I'd share a little of my experience at Summit. Time to get ready for work but wanted to give everyone an update! check out the, these guys are hilarious! Good Christian fun....


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