Heat Madness

I got an email from my mom just wondering, as Mom's do, how her son was doing haven't not seen a post in a while. So I thought I'd better get on here and give an update!

The heat has been brutal. With heat index values coming in at values between 110 and 115 degrees, you can imagine the effect that has on someone who works, for the most part, outside. It's the high humidity that is the killer. Every breath becomes a labor. I like to think I'm acclimated to the heat, being a Texan and all, but really you just learn to tolerate it.

Of course this past week I was helping put in a coil in an attic. Imagine this, you walk outside and it feels cooler. Of course planning is involved in such work. Never work alone in an attic in high heat. Work in the morning. Don't go in in the afternoon. Even in the morning, within 5 minutes your shirt is soaked and as you work on duct, or the handler, sweat glides off you in droplets like rain. Hydration is important, it is not unusual to go through 1 to 2 gallons of water, and plenty of gatorade.

By the time you are off work, I have a air conditioned 30 minute drive home, you are ready for a cold shower and to just relax. I'm usually lathergic and I've lost my appetite until the shower. Once I'm out and I've had dinner then the old, goofy Paul comes out. I take plenty of breaks and I haven't had any heat exhaustion this summer, which is very good. The important thing is to listen to your body and not push, as I know how to do, past the point you should.

Needless to say the blogging has suffered because of it. That and a friends father dying, another friend who has again found jail because of drugs, my mentor at Celebrate Recovery preparing me for more leadership (I ran my first leadership meeting last Sunday), and the craziness of work. And my car decided to die. It has left me slightly disorganized, so without Ginger's organizational skills I'd probably miss all sorts of things. Talk about a help mate.

She, of course, has been wonderful. She worries, as good wives do about their husbands. She sees the effect the heat has and every night brings me back from the heat induced madness. Yeah, it's madness. I have to be told sometimes to take breaks, usually by a well timed text from Ginger that says to hydrate!

I'm probably making my Mom worry more about me with this post! Not to worry Mom, I'm healthy and Ginger is taking good care of me. I learned last summer, after getting heat exhaustion, the value of gatorade, water, shade, and not pushing the limits. That and if it is too hot we call the day off early. Such is my life.

Anyway, I'm alive and well, and glad to know I have people around me that care about me.


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