Orange Chicken

I tried a new recipe this weekend, actually a recipe that I looked at and changed a bit. It was for orange chicken. Ginger and I had been getting Brookshire's orange chicken and I thought, you know I think I can do this. So I got online and looked at some recipe's, found one I relatively liked and tweaked it. So Sunday night I tried it for the first time and Ginger loved it. I got some feedback from her and last night tweaked some more and Wow! We ate it up, no leftovers.

Trying new things. The next thing will be fried rice. I love cooking and especially new things. I'm not always successful but you don't get good at something by always doing it expertly all the time. In failure we learn, sometimes more than success. My life is a testament to that. I've made plenty of mistakes in my life, skinned my knees a few times, but I find as I grow older I'm learning from the mistakes I've made. Don't get me wrong, I still make them. I'm not perfect by any stretch. But I find the closer I get to God the more receptive I am to Him as He reminds me when I miss the mark. It is never condemning, usually it is a touch in my heart that says, Hey, your thinking wrong here, or you shouldn't have said that, etc.

In cooking, if you make a mistake, you can throw it out and go get McDonald's. I use to beat myself up over mistakes, I thought I had to be perfect in everything and if I wasn't I wouldn't admit it, I tried to portray an image. It's like making a meal that absolutely stinks, you eat it and it tastes awful and your giving it to others expecting them to like it to. Look at me, I'm fine you say, and yet everyone can see your not. I have a friend who is going through this type of "image breaking" now. He use to be "the man". Now he isn't. As life has gotten hard suddenly the money isn't there and he isn't "the man". And his girlfriend reminds it of it constantly, a constant birage of verbal abuse. I've been there and I'm trying to walk beside him as he is having to let go of the image and for once, in a long time, be real with himself. Money doesn't make the man, nor does one's image. What you have on the outside doesn't define you, what is on the inside does. It has taken me years to realize this. I'll speak more on this later, I have to go to work. God is good!



  1. Love Orange Chicken almost as much as I like General Tso's Chicken.



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