A friend in crisis

It's the type of call every sponsor hates to get. It's the call by a family member. In my experience of helping others this is the one that gives you chills. The wife of one of my close friends and someone I was helping in recovery (not alcohol) called this morning to tell me he tried to commit suicide last night. As I write this he is alive and breathing on his own in ICU. He's not out of the woods, but it is definitely better than being on a ventilator. I missed him last night at Celebrate Recovery and it is so difficult for me to think that while we were having our annual baptism last night, he was, well, trying to end it all.

There are really, in my opinion, two types of suicide attempts. There is the cry for help, of which I'm well versed in. It is a half hearted attempt as a cry for help, or attention. I see that, unfortunately, alot. Then there is the real attempt. From what I understand of the situation, I haven't talked with him yet, this seemed very real, with 70+ pills. What I'm so thankful for is this guy has guns, he is an avid hunter, so it chills me to think if he'd of decided on another way.

His family, wife and children, are, of course, angry. How could he do this? It is so selfish. They speak in anger, to me, on the phone. It is understandable, the anger and the hurt. There will be time, however, for that anger to be expressed, hopefully as he gets help. Right now this guy needs to know that those that love him, love him. Whether it was a cry for help or the real deal at this point doesn't matter, what matters is getting him back to sanity. Because once you've crossed that line of trying to take your life, I'm afraid it is that much easier to cross it again. I know, I will speak about that line tonight as I get up and share my story. But this post right now isn't about me.

Pray for my friend. I'm hurt, yes, but I've already called my support team to talk about my feelings so I don't hit my friend over the head when I see him. I was a phone call away, but you can't force someone to reach out. I'll update ya'll as I get more information.

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