I ama sheep

Wow, it has been a while since I've posted. Been really busy the past week and a half. I've been working on an air conditioning unit and duct work in a new church going up. And I've earned a new reputation of being a monkey on the beams. I was able to take Ginger to the church on the way to a family reunion so she could see where I'd been working. I took her after the duct work was up, mainly so she wouldn't worry about how high up I was. There really is an art to it, however. I'm pretty careful as far as watching where I step, making sure my hands are dry, and I wore tennis shoes so that I could get a good grip. It just takes a little bit of planning and no fear of heights. With the Texas heat we've been having, the temperatures were soaring above 100 degrees in the metal building. We had a blower, but with five people working at times, you weren't always in the line of blowing air (and if the boss was there, well, the blower went on him!)

So I'd get home just drained, absolutely drained. Ginger would feel my shirt and how soaked it was. I would drink plenty of water and gatorade (something I learned in landscaping) and usually after being home for a couple of hours I was cooled down and feeling better. Ginger, of course, was a doll. I'd get home and she'd have dinner waiting. She'd usher me into the shower to cool down and clean up. She is an absolutely perfect helpmate.

God, of course, was with me the whole time. At times, two pieces of duct refusing to go in, 20 feet up, sweat rolling off me, I'd just ask the Lord to help me. And He did. It seems so simple, but even in the little things, the Lord cares. I found myself, when I didn't have the knowledge to do something and I had to make a decision, that the Lord was there to help me. I had to make a lot of decisions and figure things out, little puzzles of how something should go, or how to reach a spot that seemed unreachable. I got scrapes, cuts, and some bruises, nothing major, but many times it was because I was moving too fast, or impatient. Much like my walk with God. When I move to fast and try to help God along, sometimes I get scrapes and bruises. Nothing major but enough of a wake up call that I need to slow down and wait upon God.

I know, sometimes waiting is the hardest thing. We don't know how something will turn out and we have to have faith that God has our best interest in heart. Even though He has delivered to us time and again, in the present circumstance, even if we've gone through it before, we look and go yes, I know you helped me then but what about NOW! Reminds me of a line in the movie "What About Bob?" Gimme Gimme Gimme, I need I need I need! I'll admit, I'm like that with God at times. I want to be comfortable. I want no surprises. I want normalcy. But then I wake up out of the fantasy and realize that real life is full of surprises, isn't always comfortable, and I have in no way a normal life. I have a richly rewarding life, don't get me wrong, and I realize that those surprises and such, they grow me. They mold me. God knows what He is doing. I mean think of this a minute. Billions of people in the world and He knows what each one is doing, and will be doing a minute from now. He knows how many hairs are on each head. How many have fallen off or grown in the last hour. That is hard to wrap my little mind around. He knows each need, each want, each spiritual condition of everyone. With that kind of knowledge, and that kind of wisdom (I can't even tell you how many hairs on my head that I have) doesn't it stand to reason that His knowledge is better than mine and He has this? You may think I'm talking to ya'll out there, but I'm talking to me. I need to remind myself, daily, of the Godly provision God provides for me. He is the Shepherd, I'm a sheep. Baaaaaa.

Forgot to get around to telling my Mom this, I got my hair cut a little over a week ago. It is shoooorrt. Not as short as Dad's (go Dad!), I can still comb mine. They took about 6 inches off. Yeah, I'm a normal clean cut person again. And yes, Ginger loves it too. Along with her Mom.
Life is good! Baaaaa!

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