A night of worship

Alrighty here I am again! Every time I think I'm going to be able to do this on a regular basis, wham! something comes up! Guess it's a good thing I can step away from it and return to it like an old friend, leaving off where we left off!

So Friday night Ginger and I sent to the CFNI (Christ for the Nations) Worship night. It was an awesome night. It was amazing to see the diversity of how people worship. One person was signing the music to our right, not to anyone in particular, there was an older lady who sat for about half the service then got up and I mean started jigging. I mean, it was cute, and more than one person smiled as she expressed her worship to God. My personal favorite was the young teenager who had set up and easel and was drawing with pastels as the music went. I couldn't help but watch (being an artist), and I watch the process as the picture came to life.

Ginger and I worship in different ways, reflected by our personalities. Ginger is more open at CFNI, she loves to jump and sing at the top of her lungs, indicative of her extrovert personality. I'm more reserved, and you'll find me often sitting and praying, watching, observing, as my introvertive personality shines through. Now if the Lord Reigns is played, or Glory, well, all bets off then. I break out!

And that is why the Worship Night, to me, works. There is not a sign on the door that says you have to be of x denomination to be here. If you want to sit and pray, go to the front and dance, raise your hands, not raise your hands, pray out loud, pray inside, your free to worship. I may not worship the way someone else does, and that is okay.

We stepped away for a few months, before, however, because we were going for the wrong reasons. Ginger was going to seek a spiritual high and would get frustrated that I wasn't in the "clouds" with her. I was going begrudgingly because I was tired and didn't want to make the drive but went because Ginger wanted to go. When we recognized this "pattern" we decided, together, to take a rest from it, and let God guide us back. And He did. He made a way for me to get off a little early so I wasn't rushed. And Ginger, well, it was unbelievable. She worshiped as she does, but she didn't expect me to worship as she did. In the process she enjoyed herself immensely. But the best moment of the night by far was about 2/3's into the service. There was a stop in the service for a moment while they prayed for someone needing a liver transplant. CFNI approaches healing a bit differently than I do. That's okay, who am I to say how God heals? But Ginger and I looked at each other and had a moment like, we were of a like mind and felt closer than ever. There was no getting on a spiritual high, getting caught up in emotion, and we were able to enjoy the songs afterward. Please understand, I'm not saying CFNI is wrong. I'm saying I believe in a different way. But I can put that aside to worship. Which is what the night of worship is all about. Bringing different walks of life together to worship Jesus. Just as Ginger and I worship in different ways at times, so we all come together in our own styles and worship. It is truly a beautiful thing. And so this weekend I could hear Ginger, in the living room, CFNI playing on the CD player, singing her heart out, the voice of an angel.

Too often, differences divide those in different denominations. I've seen more than one argument over various positions in the Bible. But it is nice when the goal is not to promote a denomination, but come to worship God in song, that the real beauty of worship comes out. I walked away refreshed, and I know God was smiling at His children singing to Him....


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