Week 15: This is Not the Answer

Inspiration comes in many forms.  From music to conversations to life experiences sometimes a thought, or idea, comes in my mind and it will not leave.  For those who have followed me for a while, they know I do not shy away from subjects that may be difficult to talk about.  So it was a conversation with someone that led to this idea being born.  This is one of those ideas that would not leave my mind.  Maybe because it touched on a subject that I am personally in touch with.  Ginger and I have several friends who have dealt with depression and anxiety.  We have quite a support group.   Some are successfully navigating life with several years of stability.  Others have hours, even minutes of recovery.  You see this picture has two meanings.  It deals with depression.  But it deals with two aspects of depression, cutting and/or suicide.  These are heavy subjects.  They are also subjects where some people have a hard time talking about.  Sometimes it is out of not understanding.  Sometimes it is because it is uncomfortable.  But to move on from both subjects one must be able to talk about it, openly, honestly, without judgement, and more importantly trust.  The things that lead people down both of these paths are vast.  Some seem trivial.  Some are major episodes in life.  And it doesn't matter, trivial or major.  Sometimes people talk about wanting to commit suicide and it is for attention.  So do you ignore that cry for attention?  You can be there for that person but ultimately it is up to that person to open up and get to the root of the problem.  And then there are those who don't talk about it and you only find out till it is too late. 

So this is actually a picture of hope.  What!?!  Are you kidding?  The most important part of this picture is the hand pulling back the other hand with the blade.  This is proactive.  This is someone taking an active stance with this person, pulling away the hand, letting this person know this is not the answer.  And it isn't.  It is someone stepping in to help.  A helping hand.  Granted, we could push away that helping hand, and that is our right, but when someone reaches out to you to help it is important to hold onto that hand.  And it is important to be that person who reaches out.

So when you reach out you may be pushed back.  In fact you may be ignored, you may even think you are not making a difference.  Sometimes it takes time.  Sometimes you just have to be that person who is waiting in the wings when that person comes around.  Because ultimately it is that person who eventually has to reach out.  It can be hard, watching someone self destruct and you know the answer to help them out of the pit.  Some people just want to stay in the pit.  Others have a hard time trusting.  Others think the road to recovery is just too hard to keep walking on.  And then there are those who do embrace that hand, do accept that help, and do accept that support. 

I take these type of pictures to spark discussion.  Not necessarily with me, but someone who is suffering may see this, say this is me, and reach out to someone, anyone.  That is who this picture is for.  Is it provocative?  Yes.  Is is edgy?  Yes.  Is it necessary?  Yes.  Because for too often nobody has wanted to talk about these things.  They want to sweep it under the rug, not admit it is a problem.  Where has that gotten us?  Pray more, read your Bible more, have more faith.  I have heard all of that.  God can heal you people say.  Yes, God can.  And maybe He wants to use you to listen, to speak through.  Because when you let it out and talk about it you begin to heal.  Then you feel you can pray again.  Then you can read the Bible and get something out of it.  And your faith can be restored.  And so I take pictures like this because just maybe it will help someone start on the road to recovery.

A special thanks to my wife who helped me with this picture.  I remember telling her my idea.  And the idea that I had for her to help.  We are a team with each other to help each other.  Could not have done it without her!  Yes the subject is deep, but there is hope.  There are so many resources that can help those that want help.  And if you need to talk, my ear is always ready to listen, no matter what it is.



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