Week 51: Mirdana's Quinceanera

So Yesterday I had the honor of taking photographs of the daughter of some of our closest friends Matt and Debbie.  Miranda was having her Quinceanera on her 15th birthday.  A crossover from girlhood to womanhood and dedication to God.  The ceremony includes the father washing her feet and putting shoes on her feet.  It was a touching moment to witness and just shows how much this family loves God and their family.

Matt and Debbie have been some of Ginger and I's biggest supporters.  They have known us almost as long as we have been together and we have been able to watch their children grown from little tikes to Miranda being 15!  They follow my blog, encourage my photography, and the kids, though they like me, really, really love Ginger (I mean cmon who wouldn't!?!).  So in honor of them, and of Miranda I thought I'd give her first photo's in this weeks blog:

Everyone gathered around to pray for Miranda.

I did not have to ask anyone to move, somehow everyone just horseshoed around leaving me quite an opening to get a good shot.  Matt is off to the right with one of his son's.  Very proud papa indeed.

I love this shot.  Debbie, her mother, is praying for her daughter.  How both Matt and Debbie were not crying I don't know, but I saw a few misty eyes!

I got to catch up with some old friends as well and see their kids who have grown up quickly as well.  Ginger and I had such a wonderful time!  And the cupcakes that they served, well, probably the best I ever had, especially the lemon one's (I would tell you how many I had but I don't want to get in trouble (bahahahahaha!)).  

So this leads right in to what I want to talk about this week.  Christmas is 2 days away and people are making mad dashes to get last minute gifts and traffic is a nightmare.  But the Holiday's, at least for me, is about family and tradition.  I got to go up and see my parents a little over a week ago and that was possibly the best present I could have had this season.  We will be spending time with Ginger's family this Christmas and I am looking forward to lots of laughter, good food, and even better company.  Ginger and I are blessed beyond measure by our families.  Couldn't tell you how much wisdom, guidance, and encouragement we have gotten from both sides of our family.  Yes, we have presents under the tree, and though they are nice, that is not the reason for the season.  This is a special time that our families celebrate the birth of Christ.  For unto us a Savior was born.  With that birth came a hope, a hope of salvation and deliverance, and that, my friends, is what Ginger and I see as the most important aspect of this season.  Some of you reading this may not believe that and I am not here to argue or try to convince you of anything.  I am merely stating what we see as most important.  That said I hope that everyone who is reading this has a very Merry Christmas and oh yes, one last photo of our little Sophie in her new sweater!

Really Daddy, a picture?  Put the camera down


P.S.  Two more things.  First, Ginger and I have an unspoken prayer request.  We are asking the Lord's guidance in a certain matter and would like those of you who are praying for us to have God guide us.  I cannot go into specific's right now, sorry I have to be vague but all will be revealed in due time as the Lord directs us.

And lastly, next week I will be reviewing the past years photographs and picking some of my favorites (I do this at the end of each year).  Happy Holiday's!


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