Week 49 and 50 Iowa Vacation

Happy Holiday's!!!!  Well as some of you noticed I did not blog last week.  Ginger and I went on a much needed vacation to Iowa to see my Mom and Dad.  To say I needed the vacation is an understatement!  Whenever I go see them I seem to get refreshed and get my mind calm.  And it gets harder to leave each time. 

Ginger and I relaxed.  We were able to be at home.  The home cooked meals, and there were lots, were out of this world.  Ginger got to watch Hallmark, Friends, and whatever she wanted.  She got to go to Barnes and Nobles and she got to shop with my Mom!  And I got to relax and have some quality time with my parents.  And I got to watch football with my Dad last Sunday (hence no blog) and watch an epic Cowboy game with my Dad that ended in a touchdown that had me jumping and yelling up and down and Ginger exclaiming she had never seen me get so excited with a football game.  That was what I was looking forward to, watching the game with my Dad.  It meant the world to me.  And we got to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary up there and go to Longhorn Steakhouse and have a wonderful meal.  I am married to the love of my wife and I have no greater example than my parents to show me how to love my wife.  After all, with over 50 years of marriage they have a lot of wisdom and advise to share. 

So I got to take pictures!!!!!

Finally got to take some shots of my Mom and Dad.  Mom calls Dad her Santa and he has the beard to show for it!

 If you wonder where I get my youthful look, look no further than those pictures!

And I got to take some shots of Sarah, their cat.  She has really become a social butterfly now and allowed me to get pretty close and take some shots.  Didn't dare use flash so I got a little bit of noise grain, but I would rather get the shot with noise than not get the shot at all.

So the above was my favorite shot of her.  She really is a beautiful cat.  And Ginger, who is usually allergic to cats, didn't have one problem with her!  In fact it was a God send.  No itchy eyes, no anything.  Truly a God thing if you ask me.

So usually when I travel I can get some pretty bad anxiety.  So I asked quite a few folks to pray for me and I can honestly say I had the least amount of anxiety for a flight that I have ever had.  In fact I even dozed a little bit on the flight.  Of course having my best friend and wife with me helped immensely.  Going through security with camera equipment can be a hassle but I just loaded up 5 bins of equipment and electronics and said have at it.  I am, however, learning to downsize.  I have an idea of what my next lens will be and may even entertain saving up for a newer camera.

Ginger did really well on the vacation and being back from vacation.  No flare ups, she has really leveled off.  We also both got over our colds (another reason we needed the vacation).  And so now I write my blog and Sophie, fresh off a walk, is looking out her window looking for Shenanigans (inside joke). 

Sophie, of course, was very glad to see us.  And we got back in time to celebrate her Dad's birthday and if I heard right he is 70 (just can't believe that).  So yes I brought my camera:

Just like my parents they are so youthful.  Ginger's Mom got the hat, some napkins and these things that I just got tickled about:

So naturally, since no one took an interest in them I stuffed them in my pocket (Ginger got a kick out of telling them I stole them from the table!) because I have photo ideas.  Yep, an artists mind is always whirling it seems!

Being with my parents put some things in perspective for me and what is really important.  You know, we, well let me say I, stress about things that really don't need to be stressed about.  Because at the end of the day, what is really important?  It's not things I can tell you that and it is not even a job.  It's being with the one's you love, making memories, and cherishing each other.  It laughing at the good things and helping each other through the hard things.  It's watching God answer prayers of the impossible.  It is watching as God walks us through the storm with our family and friends at our side. It is seeing that original mold that God begins to work with and mold us and we get to watch what He creates if we let Him create.  We may not know why something happens, but let me leave you with this.  Who would you rather trust with your life, you (me) who cannot see the future, or the ONE who can see into the future.  You may not know why but you can trust that wherever He leads you He has your best interest at heart.  Just some food for thought.



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