Week 23-24: Ginger and Begs

So last weekend we got to take a trip out to Quanah Texas for the Price family reunion.  Hot, dry, and high winds, it was fun to go out to the cabin and spend some time with family.  The high winds did prevent some of the photo's I had planned (we had a full moon that was out that night, fireflies, and a group photo), mainly because the wind gusts would not allow a tripod mounted camera a perfectly still shot.  As a photographer sometimes you have to just wait.  I have read stories of photographers waiting years for a certain shot.  I get it.  I can just imagine a thunderstorm coming in from the west out in Quanah, with lightning, and I have put that shot on my bucket list.  But I digress.  I was able to get some shots however.   Cmon, if my camera is with me (and most times it is) I am gonna take a shot if I see one. 

So here is one.  This one is of Ginger and Begs (I hope I have that right).  Gary Lee, a real life cowboy brought her for everyone to ride.  He also brought a dog, Rowdy, but that story is coming after I process the pictures I took. 

Ginger is very good with animals.  And she is wearing some of her new clothes (yes the ripped jeans are suppose to be ripped!).  So for those that don't know, Ginger has lost some weight.  Well, okay let's be real shall we.  Ginger at one time weighed 226.  When I met her she hovered at 185 and I thought she was stunning then.  Her medicine causes weight gain, so she has battled losing weight for years.  We even have some positive things on our dry erase board about it.  She eats healthy and is pretty steadfast with what she eats.  Occasionally there are the jalapeno chips when I eat them but she has been on a mission.  One thing that is not commonly known is Ginger has a sugar addiction.  Her addiction mirror's, to a T, my alcohol/drug addiction.  There is no moderation.  One bite of cake, cookie, ice cream, and there is a magnetic pull and that is all you think about.  She has tried to do the moderation train and when she gets on it, her mood begins to spike up and down, she uses it for comfort, and the weight comes back.  And suddenly we are battling two battles, bipolar and addiction.  I understand that people that do not understand addiction may not get that.  It is hard to wrap your mind around.  But God is amazing.  He put two people together, who have different addictions with the same characteristics so that the other can understand the other perfectly.  There have been people who say, it is okay to have one cookie.  Let me ask you a question, rhetorical of course.  Is it okay if I have one drink?  One hit?  Of course not.  I can hear the argument now, sugar is different than alcohol.  I beg to differ.  Because let's add the bipolar in and how it affects her mood.  Something happens in her brain.  It is harmful.   Offering Ginger a cookie is like offering me a beer.  Because as soon as you hand me (or her) one we want to know, in our head, when is the next.  So Ginger has been on a sugar fast and is now 145.  Something to be said for just saying no.

So since today is Father's Day, the next picture, which is for last week in my 52 week challenge is of, what else, a cool bug!!!!!!

Saw this little thing at a house in Tyler.  Until it was rudely scared away, I got a couple of good shots of it.  Yep, still love taking pictures of bugs. 

Lastly, the picture this week I shot leaving from working in Lindale.  I have been working on this land for the last, well 11 years, off and on.  Rebecca has been there for all 11.  I have worked on her home, barn, and land off and on for that time, but more importantly have developed a deep friendship.  There is nothing I would not do for her and her family.  We have dealt with hardship together (including dealing with a con named Mark) and celebrated life together.  She has a deep love for God and there have been many times we have talked deeply about spiritual things.  It is in her home that I proposed to Ginger.  She has watched me grow, and watched Ginger and I's relationship blossom.  Well, she will be moving to her new ranch this week.  She is keeping the old one, a very special friend of her's will be staying there.  It is fitting, it is God's land she says.  And it is.  Every time I drive on that land, I feel peace.  And the new ranch, well, it will be the same, because it is God's land. 


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