Week 25: Self Portrait and Fractals

So last week I posted a picture of Ginger.  Decided this week I would put my new lens through it's paces and do a self portrait of me.  Using my new 16-35mm lens and a remote flash, decided to take a moody low light picture.  When Ginger saw it she loved it. 

I was able to use a grid on the flash which allows more focused light.  Putting it in Silver Efex Pro, I was able to turn the picture black and white.  In my hand is my most precious book.  It is my Bible.  Not just any Bible.  I have moved on to a digital version of the same Bible, but this one has significance.  In fact, Ginger uses it for her devotions.  When my life completely changed over 15 years ago and I began a journey that would lead me to where I am today, I received a gift from my parents.  This Bible.  At the time it was the only possession I had beside the watch on my wrist.  That's it.  It has been through everything with me.  It is worn, has notes, encouragements, addresses and numbers.  I have looked through it often, seeking encouragement, guidance, protection, and instruction.  These many years later, I look at it fondly.  It is a little rough around the edges, pages are worn and some are bent, much like me.  There were times I would ask my Dad spiritual questions and he would guide me to scriptures in this book.  It was given in love, and in hope, a hope that life would change.  It delivered and continues to do so.

On another note of creativity I have been playing with a program called Apophysis.  Say that three times fast.  It is a flame fractal generator.  It is an older program and it does not have much in the way of instruction or tutorials.  It is out there, mostly on Deviant Art, which I have an account on.  In fact the picture at the top of my blog was made with this program.  But I love to teach myself new things.  I am self taught in many areas, from drawing to photography to Photoshop.  Here is another example:

It is an acquired taste, not everyone likes this type of art, and that is okay, I enjoy being able to play with it.  And after work it gives me something to unwind with.

And then there are otherworldly fractals....

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, looking forward to next weekend when Ginger's sister and family come!  Always a joy!


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