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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Week 35: The Dragan Effect

This week's photograph I wanted to use an effect I have read about called the Dragan effect. 

 What is the Dragan Effect:

The Dragan Effect is one of the most popular image-editing effects right now. Created by Polish photographer Andrzej Dragan, this effect uses dramatic lighting and editing techniques that enhance the tonality and skin texture of the images subject.

Here is the original photograph I took using my Canon 5D Mark III with my flash 430ex II with umbrella and flash triggers.  It was important to get some dramatic lighting but nothing too blown out.

 Here is the image with the Dragan effect applied:

Not only did Ginger love the original picture, she absolutely adored the new picture.  It was an absolute blast being able to take Photoshop and play with this image.

On a different note, Saturday I had a blast going back out to the Lindale ranch.  It was clean up day, and that meant cleaning up the barn!  So Missy followed me around the ranch as I fixed various projects, swept up hay, cleaned up horse pens and put hay out on the ground, and took care of the burn piles.  Of course it was very, very humid.  Missy would find a cool place to lay and just watch me!  Smart dog.  Needless to say, does not take long to get soaked!  So when I got home just had to take a picture of the my clothes, remember this is 30 minutes after driving home in AC!  

Believe it or not, don't mind getting soaked.  I just hydrate, and move on from one project to the next!  Once again, it is my fun job.

The other important thing this week is our Community Group.  Absolutely love this group.  Not only do we get into some discussions spiritually, we also talk about life and, well, I even have someone to talk to photography about!  My wife and I have really taken to the group.  I have learned quite a bit but more importantly it has challenged me in my thinking.  I've needed that.  But I have also learned to open up and talk.  Yeah, me the introvert. 

Well, I hope everyone has a good week.  I had a fantastic time doing this photography work.  Please continue to pray for me at work and that God continue to guide me in the right path.  


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week 34 Challenge: Halloween Creativity and Paint

So this weekend has been a blur of activity.  I got a text from a friend on Friday who needed some help with painting.  One of those, we need to get it done this weekend type of calls.  I was honored really.  So Saturday morning, there I was at 8am getting started.  It was quite a job, but with his help we were able to get it painted.  Lots and lots of paint!  The funniest part of the whole thing was when I decided to move a ladder with my small bucket of paint on top.  Yep, as an experienced painter I should know better.  That little voice in my head said, take it off.  Did I listen?  Nope.  Can we all guess what happened?  Yep, it fell over, onto me.  Luckily I was on plastic.  Bad news for me, I had paint from face to Tshirt to paints.  It was quite comical. So Mark just had to take a picture:

Luckily my Orange and Black Zebra Bandanna did not get too much paint on it.  Kudo's to Mark for getting me a rag really quick and thankfully I had an extra Tshirt. 

So I had to show, as well, one of the creations I've made for Halloween.  It is never to early for me to work on projects for Halloween.  I got a black bucket that had trick or treat on it at Michael's.  I've been playing with led strip lights and thought it'd be cool to put some in the bucket. 

One of the other new things we have picked up was a haunted house for Ginger and one for I.  You can figure out pretty much whose is whose!

Yep mine, that flashes lightning!

Ginger's that is cute!

Looks like that is the theme this year, haunted houses!  Of course I have not pulled everything out yet.  We officially start decorating labor day weekend, but that is fast approaching!  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!  God is good!


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Week 33: Computer and Glitter

So this week, specifically Friday, Ginger came back from vacation!  I was so very happy!  I do pretty lousy without her around, laying around on the couch, I didn't even play much with my new computer. You would even think I would eat a lot of snack food, not so much.  Sleeping was hard, thankfully her favorite blanket is no replacement for her!  Yep, she is my better half, and most definitely is part of my creative process!   Needless to say I have gotten some good sleep the last few nights and just having her voice and laughter in the apartment is heavenly. We even have Friends playing now, she is a happy camper!

So I told Ginger's Dad, aka Daddio, I'd take a picture of the computer and give him some of the specs. 

We had a wonderful conversation at lunch talking computers.  So here are some of the specs:

6th generation i7-6700 3.4 MHz.  This processor makes Photoshop ran really well. 

16 GB DDR4 Ram expandable to 64 GB.

Two hard drives:

One 128 GB SSD (Solid State Drive).  This allows for programs to start up extremely fast.  How fast?  Windows boots up in less than 10 seconds fast.
A 2 TB Hard Drive that, for me, is for storing pictures.

Ultra Slim Supermulti DVD burner. 

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960 Graphics Card with 2MB video ram

High Definition Audio.

This isn't an exhaustive list,  but after 5 days of research, these specs were the important one's for me.  

In other news, Halloween/Fall has begun in the Peterson household! 

By no means is everything up, but I started by putting up a new addition into the fireplace.  Ginger loves glitter.  Did I mention she loves glitter?   Figuring out where to put it so we could see the glitter was tricky, but when we found the place, it just clicked.   There will be more pictures to come, but this just made Ginger so happy!  We did some shopping at Michael's because their Spooky Town items were 30% off.  As I get everything in their place, I will take more pictures.  We still have to do our fall shopping!  As a side note, Dad, I think I finally found the house to take a picture of to make a run down house.  Been eyeing it for a while.  Haven't forgotten! 

Hope everyone has a good week, my will be a 1000 times better than last week, Ginger is here!


Sunday, August 7, 2016

Week 32: Snacks while Ginger on Vacation

So as I told you last week, after playing around with my laptop and desktop I knew i neededget a new pc.  So I began researching.  And I mean hardcore.  I have the capability of building my own pc and that was the path I originally sought.  But as I narrowed down my choices, there was one computer that had the specs I wanted, the HP Envy Phoenix. I even did some work on whether I could build it cheaper.  So being in Tyler, I thought, Best Buy right?  Nope.  Could not get it until like August 13th.  I have so like stopped going to Best Buy.  Why have a brick and mortar and you can't even get what you want?  So I looked online and sure enough Fry's Electronics in Dallas had the computer.  Since  Ginger is on vacation in Georgia, I thought road trip!  Sure enough I hoped in the car and drove out to get my computer.  I had my "fun money", money I had earned outside of my regular job, so I was ready to get a new pc!    So I got home, hooked it up, and a loud noise.  Open it up and a wire was hitting the fan.  Easy fix.  And then the monitor's were not coming on.  Well,  so you know there is a difference between analog and hdmi!  Press of a button and the screen comes to life!  Anyway, this machine is a monster!  With an SSD hard drive it boots up in mere seconds!  Cudo's to Trend Micro for making putting anti virus on a computer a breeze and taking off the trial offered.  I am soooooo happy with this computer! I know, where is the photo.  Well, Ginger, baby, here is what I am eating while you are gone:

I promise it will be all gone when you get home!  Yep, snickers have been opened! 

I should say that Ginger encouraged me to get a new computer.  I love this about her.  She knows, and I means knows, when I really need something.  She knows I research, I even agonize over the decision to the point I lose sleep.  I do not make it without much thought or prayer.  I love how she supports me!  God picked Ginger out of billions of people in the world, and for that I will be forever grateful.....