Week 26 Flowers, Insects, Guns and Group Picture

So this weekend we went to a family reunion at a cabin in Quanah, Texas, which is a little over 300 miles away from here in West Texas.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  We got up at 5:10 am on Saturday and we were on the road at 6.  It was a fun road trip.  Of course when I got there, got to talk a little bit and then, you guessed it, I was out on the ranch taking pictures.  I took over a hundred.  So this weeks blog will show some of those pictures then this week I can edit some of the others I didn't get too. 

How about some pictures!  First, let's get the bug picture out of the way for Mom:

This was a way cool bug for a bug guy like me.  Almost missed it.  I wanted a picture of the flower believe it or not.

This was a favorite of mine.  I love the top down effect.

Opening flowers that were by the unofficial gun range.

 Found out there were owl eggs in the gutter, so went upstairs on the balcony and, you guessed it, took a picture of an owl egg.

Owl Egg

The next picture was taken this morning.  Some of the cattle were not having me at all.  This little calf, however, was curious, which brought the other....


And then group pictures, got to use my tripod and 10 second timer:

 A picture of everyone at the reunion (the non funny one)

And then one in which a couple of people were watching the drone buzzing the cattle.....

 Okay, there was quite a bit of fun shooting guns!  I kept trying to get a shot with the gun ejecting the bullet.  I got what I needed with Ginger shooting:

If you notice you can see the bullet spinning while being ejected:

  This is Teddy holding quite a big gun.  This gun was quite loud going off!

 And Teddy Shooting said Gun:

Okay, there are alot more pictures that I have to go through.  Hope everyone enjoys these pictures and I will post more as I get time!  Lots of love to family and friends, this weekend was an awesome picture taking opportunity! 


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